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The national anthem of space. hilarious. I'll sample anything is especially... uh... insightful. Is this screwball noir or is there a better term for laughing while becoming dumber?

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"Went to college in a hellish pitstop on I-10 in Southern California. I was a member of a horrible fake-hippy design-a-major experimental school embedded in an even more horrible day-care for rich trust-fund jocks with no future in sports and not much ability beyond that besides alcohol poisoning, peer pressure and date rape. The lesson: avoid everything having to do with Redlands, California at all costs." lkc, except for the design-a-major experimental part, you described pretty much every undergrad atmosphere i have witnessed. I often think about leaving Redlands myself, though, so no offense taken (you did say everything). Seriously, there are at least a few redeeming factors to this pit-stop - one of them coming up real soon.

I love the developing mystery of piecing together tidbits from posts and comments to make a personal impression of online community members. And I think there are few things like reading a 'personal profile' for dimming (even slightly) the possibilities an open mind and positive discussion. Of course I have read everyone's responses so far, so call me hypocritical or weak-willed for not staying away - you're right. There, is that enough about me? Oh, and I lead the quite vanilla life of a white southern california boy to whom nothing much interesting has happened (yet) except 3 unplanned children and an unplanned wife - none of whom there is enough time to appreciate or love. And I love watching people and hearing people speak in languages I dont understand.

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"What may turn out to be the Republicans' secret weapon, or the secret ingredient of their success? I think that, as always, it comes down to issues." More likely if Bush ends up with a secret weapon it will an october suprise.

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Keith, Are you saying a celebrity should not be able to use the visibility they have to raise awareness of an issue that's important to them?

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