In "There is an Uncanny Valley "

There is no uncanny valley. There are only neurotic people.

In "Photo sharing!"

I just took this one a couple of hours ago.

In "Curious George:"

RSS reader here.

In "How would you feel about a half-human half-chimp hybrid?"

Bootstrap before uplift.

In "Google Earth Ancient Rome"

I think that Google Earth should have a temporal dimension as well as a spatial, going back at least to launch. That way one could specify not only a street address but a date one wanted to view it. Maybe when data storage gets even bigger/cheaper.

In "Curious George Goes Back to School."

It'd be hard to go wrong with Writing Well by Donald Hall and Sven Birkerts.

In "Rebuild the Party:"

Dismantle the party. Then dismantle the other one. It's time to grow past this juvenile us vs. them mode of thinking.


The best presidential candidate of my lifetime actually WINS. Astounding. Pity it's too late for even him to save the U.S. now.

In "Unofficial Official America 2008 Election Wrap-Up."

>>I agree, McCain has some class..I've always known that... Which makes it all the more contemptible how he sold out his principles, decency and reputation in his desperation to win.

>>Then vote for the godless heathen ticket, and while you're there, fuck someone. Such an amazing coincidence, the pro-marriage brochure that lay prominently on a table the voting line had to walk past, given the nature of one of our ballot issues. Seriously, this shit should be illegal and prosecuted.

They make me vote in a church. :(

In "If you can't say something nice"

McCain isn't Bush. (Sorry, I live in AZ and that's the best I can do.) Although... His entire life has been one of lofty expectations, whith both his father and grandfather being men of great accomplishment. John, by comparison, has been a failure. Scarily familiar...

In "The Great Schlep"

Monkeyfilter: I'm not touching anything that touched Jimmy Kimmel. >>It's not the Bubbies and Zaydies in Florida that need convincing, it's the Bubbas and the JimBobs. Oh, I disagree. Age is an even greater predictor of voting in this election than, um, education level.

In "Swedish bailout *revised* for America?"

>>Clearly the Swedes are are more fiscally responsible. But seriously, it would be hard not to be.

In "I fart in your general direction."

Haven't you people figured out yet that the universe is unraveling because the puppet masters behind it can no longer keep straight faces? Come on!

In "Sarah Palin is McCain's VP pick."

>>After all the blunders and unorthodox choices, there's an odd feeling of the Republicans flaunting 'No matter what, we'll win'. And the mindblowing thing is, they well might. >>Obama Tells Press to "Back Off" on Palin Not his call to make.

>>The press (if they do their jobs) Muahahahahahaha! You a funny fella!

In "Got Firefox 3? Install Ubiquity."

I believe this is being worked on by the guy who did Enso, which was majorly awesome (way better potential than Launchy, IMO...I'm still pissed at them for abandoning it). This is not as good, but it is very good.

In "It's Biden."

You can't appease the irrational.

In "She's not real."

No surprise. I've always said that the so-called "uncanny valley" was an overhyped, temporary phenomenon. How long until the first politician (researcher, doctor, etc.) is revealed not only to not have the credentials he claims on his C.V. but to not exist?

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