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I likes tha web, yo. I likes tha filters too.
Update - 2/23/04 So I've been addicted to MoFi moreso than usual over the recent week. I think it's a good thing. So, I thought I should update the bio.
I'm an aquarius. Destined for greatness or madness, as the saying goes... halfway there on both accounts.
I've been a writer, rapper, cartoonist, database analyst, Nat'l account analyst for big Health Insurance, clown, improvisor (Chicago... the capital of improv comedy), a blogger, designer, cartoonist, actor, romantic, and buffoon at different times in my life.
My main turmoil is that of so many other artists out there, namely, to be able to make a living in something I consider to be sufficiently creative. Perhaps striving for a Mathematical Statistics degree was not the best way to do it.
I live in Chicago with my girlfriend who is the greatest, and a bunch of other friends of the intellectual as well as artistic bent.
Drop a line, check out the blog I rarely update, and above all... Don't ever lose the monkey in you.

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