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The Hard'n Phirm tune is my unnoficial themesong! I love playing it loud as I roll in the pi-mopile.

*sends pi greeting card to self*

In "Donk! The JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank! [@]"

Brings back fuzzy memories of my favorite product on amazon, qwert schmarble

In "More abandoned places:"

-looks at other pictures on the site- Japanese Schoolgirls! Le GODS! -hides eyes- *bookmarks site*

If the Japanese real estate business is anything like ours, I'd bet the property is tied up in lawsuits. Or, it might have something to do with the radish spirit...

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What fractalid said. I work on first and Taylor, and I'm getting pretty bored with the Daily Cafe. They're nice and all, but I'd rather walk a couple blocks more and by food from a monkey once in a while.

The cosmic ballet... goes on

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I am also too liquored up and ignorant to truly appreciate it Hey, me too! Damn you and your timezone! I'm still at work, you bastards!

Plantains are fantastic deep fried and dipped in banana sauce! A Costa Rican friend recently introduced me to this treat.

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Cats can have blogs, and banks...

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I believe Vaucanson's Duck was the first automaton with this claim to fame. It turned out to be bogus though... Described in entertaining detail here.

In "Crossing the beams of hipness."

Nice work dng! Kinda reminds me of when those incongrous Smiths lyrics would crop up in Tank Girl

In "And the Snake shall lie down with the Hamster."

Meanwhile, neither gender wishes to claim Ann Coulter...

Meanwhile, neither gender wishes to claim Ann Coulter...

In "Crossing the beams of hipness."


B&S is still vaguely cool. At least they lasted longer than trucker hats. I knew trucker hats had jumped the shark when I found a brown trucker hat with the google logo on it at a garage sale.

I like gnarly. I also recall "thrashin'" from around 5th grade or so, as in "that song Devil Inside, by INXS is totally thrashin'!!!" Something to do with riding skateboards I think...

there's already been a live action telly series and a cartoon. posted by roryk at 04:55PM UTC on January 18, 2006 Belle, the Great Pyrenees from their namesake reminds me of Mr Tadakichi, from another animated series, Azumanga Daioh. Tadakichi is also a Great Pyrenees. Meanwhile, on the anime/indie rock connection, I recently discovered another uberhip Scottish indie rock band called The Delgados when they did the opening track for the anime Gunslinger Girl.

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I cast magic missle!

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