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*waves at Medusa*

Xyphoid process. And not just because I ain't got one.

His name is Robert Paulson.

That would be bitch tits. As a dog, I would expect you to know that. Betcha have six of 'em, doncha?

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Just let me adjust this habit so's I can unleash my smooth ninja moves. And someone get that dog off the couch. Cripes, I can't leave you people alone for five minutes.

Ah, the lovely ladies of the mofi. Greetings!

The nerve.

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Yeah, I see you totally get my point. Done here, folks.

Bigotry is about things people can't change. I have no problem being critical of things that people can change but refuse to do so.

I' ll assume that's humor. Perhaps. However, cliches exist for a reason: they're repeatedly correct. And I too can attest to the ignorance of people from "hick towns," as I grew up in one in California. As bernockle said, education is a major factor, but I believe the culture is the real culprit. People who grow up in reality-averse and education-averse cultures tend to refuse to become educated and be intolerant of worldviews that contradict their own. And as kamus said, having a contradicting worldview in a culture like that could get you in a lot of trouble. Of course I don't mean that ALL people from the south are stupid. Many of my very-educated friends are from the south. But they're not living there now.

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You and the spouse, that is.

Geez. Hope you're okay, Medusa.

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About as much as American northerners, I'm going to guess you would say. Nah. I wouldn't say that. I have no problem with those states around the Great Lakes area.

I thought it was funny. But then, I know exactly how stupid American southerners can be.

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Not that I would ask for a shout-out, because that would be insulting to both parties, but if one were to come my way, I wouldn't mind. No, not at all.

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I like the way the 'boys' turned up so promptly. They were probably at a dog fight right down the street.

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The Minister's Approval of Rehabilitation sounds like an indulgence. I knew this was all about making more money for Canadia.

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nunia? care to chime in, darling? I think you're right: pressure is probably the main factor here, and blocking the flow will only cause it to spout out somewhere else. My guess is that the concrete balls will be dropped in per The Plan, then the mud will work its way around and cut into the softer country rock, causing a surface flow in the same general area. The flow occurs there because there is a pre-existing weakness. I don't care what their bone-shaking, chicken-sacrificing geologists say, plugging the flow won't make it go away. If it wants to get out, it will.

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Ralph: Hey! Look at this sheep-screwing page I accidentally found! Non-Ralph: Oh shut up. I know you went looking for that, and you're trying to play it off that it was "accidental." Ralph: It was an accident. I find such things abhorrent. Non-Ralph: Oh? Is that why I woke up with sore hindquarters and wrapped in your stinky sheepskin car seat covers? Ralph: I can explain that... Ralph runs out of thread, exit stage left

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Yeah, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. The home Interwebs, that is.

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