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Excellent post.

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I'm 71 and play tennis 6 days a week. The group I play with is composed of mostly 50 to 70 yr. olds with a few older and younger outliers. Hip and knee replacement is common to the point everyone jokes about it. The single serious concern I would have is a deep infection. If that does not occur you (almost) assuredly will be glad you had it done. How likely is an infection? Can't really say. But it is a definite risk. I know of two cases out of about forty surgeries amongst our group. There were a couple of others (knee) that suffered other complications that were resolved with replacements of the original replacement. As a relatively active senior, tennis, biking and jogging, I would say you have no choice in the matter unless you could adjust to a sedentary lifestyle. A last comment. If you think you would do it "eventually", DON'T wait. The earlier (younger) the better your recuperative powers. Although I know a woman who has had both knees done since she was 75 and still motors around the court. (One time world class athlete) Good luck. Oops. Almost forgot. A 91 yr. old had hip surgery last summer and is back to better than prior to the surgery and yes, he plays tennis three times a week with his 90 yr. old buddy.

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Fascinating read.

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The Treasure Trove of Fairywench,

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"abort a child"???

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I'm with you Ralph. We could be witness to the singularly significant event in the life of man. Of course I am an old timer and have enjoyed a full life. I can assure you I did not feel the same way as a young man. I made the rounds with my father who was an air raid warden during the ww2 blackouts. I was more than a little concerned about nazi bombs falling on my head. This isn't really a godwin. Is it? Damn. I always said I would never do that.

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Still use a cane pole for bream and crappie.

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I don't remember exactly how long ago - 20 years or so. New Jersey began a program of mainstreaming. Until then the focus was on special classes for children with mental and emotional handicaps. All of a sudden these children were integrated into regular classrooms. Supposedly this was to enrich the lives of these children. It was for their benefit. Just coincidentally it saved the taxpayers millions of dollars in special ed. teachers.

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The Flying Spqaghetti Monster?

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Thanks a lot fish tick. Now I can take another shower to rinse the cold sweat off my terrorized body.

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When I was a kid (60) yrs' ago, we used to catch blowfish in Barnegat Bay (New Jersey) We were warned they were poisonous and would kill if improperly cleaned. I don't remember the details, but we would catch 50/60 of the little guys and have a big cookout. Each 1/2-3/4 pound fish would yield what we called a drumstick. A backbone with a large marshmallow sized piece of meat attached. As sweet a dish as I have ever tasted. (no one ever became ill to the best of my knowledge)

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I have most of the above mentioned fears and don't consider ANY of them to be irrational. .

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Would monkeyfilter stimulii count? .

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(Pssstttt...she's just trying to figure out who here is a regular at MeFi!) posted by Lara at 05:41PM UTC on February 14, 2008 Bingo!!!-We have a winner.

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I don't know if it takes til 70 to feel good about things. I live in a south Fl. gated community that is made up of mostly 50+ people. A pretty happy bunch we seem to be. Party at the drop of a hat. The fact that most of us are retired probably is key. When your morning committment is to a tennis match and your afternoon committment is to a round of golf it just kind of makes you mellow out. So don't give up all you forty year olds. Besides. We need your continued support of social security :) A lot of people are really looking forward to that first s.s. check.(an excuse for another party)

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He, Dennis, is the only one that terrifies the establishment more than Edwards does. Correction. If he were deemed to be electable. Even so, his ideas scare the establishment. Particularly the health insurance industry. Speaking of Edwards, how much coverage for him and his relative shoe string expenditure after beating Hillary in Iowa? It is still all about Clinton. The one democrat the establishment is comfortable with.

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For rocket88 Here is a bit of it: For those of you who can’t watch video clips online, here’s the toughest portion of the transcript: Stewart: It seems like you’re saying, do what you think will win, not do what you think is right. Matthews: Well, it’s both. Stewart: This seems to emphasize the former. Matthews: It’s about– Stewart: (laughs) Matthews: Can you come on Hardball? Stewart: What? Matthews: Yes, come on Hardball. We can play this game both ways. Stewart: Can I say this? I don’t troll. Matthews: You are unbelievable. This is a book interview from hell. This is the worst interview I’ve ever had in my life. This is the worst. You are the worst. Stewart: No! Matthews: I thought you were so big, you weren’t afraid of me. You’re so big, and you’re afraid of this book. This book scares you. Stewart: No, it doesn’t scare me. Matthews: There’s something in hear you fear. Stewart: There is something in there I fear. Like fascism. I fear fascism. (Laughter) All I’m saying is this: I love what you do. Well, Matthews didn’t enjoy himself, but I enjoyed watching it. From The Carpetbagger Report. By the way. Like in Olds Rockett 88?

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If I knew how to link and post and copy and glue and all that computer stuff and knew his email address I'd send a copy to Bush. I tried to get my granddaughter to do it. She just rolled her eyes and gave me that pathetic, "There's no fool like an old fool look."

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It is interesting to observe the way things are coming about. It is not as if the Constitution and our personal freedoms have slowly eroded over eighty or ninety years. Up until six years ago I think there would be a reasonable argument that personal and political freedoms had been growing during the previous decades. What is grim is the degree and speed with which our freedoms have been taken/given away. Many of Bush's supporters are family folk. Children and grandchildren. Can they not see what lies ahead for their own flesh and blood? I really don't want to believe they are taking this rapture business seriously. If so they may be involved in developing the worst of all self fulfilling prophesies.

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Howcum you expect Nickdanger to provide evidence "for such behaviour in dogs" when you aren't producing any evidence for god?

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