In "If you don't see this tacky film, the terrorists have already won."

"The world saw evil that day" is the scariest think about this trailer, implying: "evil is all around us" - clearly the terrorists have won.

In "CBC lockout shows"

Things need to change at the CBC - the whole organization is antiquated. If this strike leads to large layoffs, I hope they can take some time to hire some new, actually innovative and interesting people.

In "Discreet Loveology."

None of these services are quite good enough, are they? We should start one.

In "on the Golgafrinchan 'B' Ark??"

I think the primary qualification for the B ark is the obliviousness that the giant goat didn't really exist - in other words, all the not very useful skeptics. So therefore I think it is very unlikely that most Monkeys would be on the B-ark, knowing that Mofi is a den of the skeptical. I think the most likely people to go on the B-ark are those who believe that Mr. Bush is God and Iraq is the new Eden. Please line up here to get your "reward"!! In terms of jobs I don't think students would be put on the B-ark... excepting business students perhaps. In fact, the story of the Golgafrinchans is probably my favourite part of The Hitch Hiker's Guide ... I hope it's in the film.

In "63 Days."

I think this is the first Monkeyfilter post that has made me feel sick.

In "I am Curious (George)"

Why not look to the theater of cinema? I think what you are looking for is more art than pornography, which ironically is both more publicly acceptable and more liberal !

In ""

Yes, wow - Kevin Hulsey's work is extraordinary

In "Director of The Jacket speaks out."

"Imagine if The Aviator had been 40 minutes shorter" - regardless of everything else he says, I agree with this. The second half could have been much shorter - and if it had been, and the film had built on itself towards the end people would have been more interested, it would have won far more awards. Another extremely interesting point he makes: "I’ve walked through towns and I’ve walked through cities and I’ve never seen statues built to committees." However, I am not sure what he's saying for most of the rest of the interview - or at least how it related to reality (and not cinema-reality).

In "Teacher Gone Wild!! (wmv File)"

In Canada, although the anthem is sung or at least stood for every morning in elementary through to high schools, it seems to be strangely understood by Canadians that politics is incidental to the nation - when I stood for the national anthem I was standing for the country - the land, the people - not for those in charge. In fact, the very singing of the anthem is a exultation of defiance, for in singing for the country, we are singing for our individuality and the propensity to change. This videoclip, of course, illustrates the very worst of humanity. The rows of desks. The anger. The unbecoming behavior. Perhaps we are already in hell?

In "Fine Art by Eddie Breen"

I find the pictures far more disturbing before they are changed, than after. They are often so dull and lifeless, and despite the simplicity of his additions, his bright colors are mostly an enormous improvement. Most of the original artists seem to have a big problem with light/shadows. Try looking for life in their eyes and you will see what I mean.

In "Furious George Tries To Get Rid Of Adrenalin"

moneyjane, Your posting has made me wonder. Being temporarily located in South Ontario I have recently heard surprising animosity towards Middle Eastern and Indian individuals. I overheard someone saying… "the browns hunt in packs"… "we know we have to go out in large numbers now"…"the browns always carry weapons". I’m also increasingly hearing stories about fights between groups in bars and clubs. The people being talked about are also students here to study English. It reminds me of West Side Story. What is happening to Canada? Perhaps it was always like this and I never noticed before. Has anyone else noticed a change? I'm sorry if this doesn't help your Adrenalin ... I always find logic puzzles are best for stress because they are all-consuming

In "Cinematic George - Favorite Under-Rated Movies"

As kimdog said but: Labyrinth. Maybe just for Jennifer Connelly. Oh, and the opening titles. And the special effects. Oh, OK, and the music too.

In "Curious, George: Ottawa Meetup!"

Oh no, and I knew there'd be a good reason to go home this spring break. I'll have to miss this one!

In "Wal-Mart strikes back"

I wonder how history will remember Wal Mart? No quality = no hope. There is no empire I would like to see fall faster than Wal Mart. They represent a lowering of standards and the elimination of competition based on quality. Think of all the wonderful things that could be created! I once knew a girl who would go to Wal Mart for fun. Guess the rest. "Hold on a minute, we have good jobs" This is the peak of arrogance. An executive saying that stocking shelves "twice minimum wage" is a good job. It's not a good job, it's relatively good economically, yes - but there is so much more to life! Jobs are paid slavery.

In "Bowling for Calvin"

I should also like to add that this indicates that our current understanding of personality is insufficient and if one was to spend the time and dig deeper we could probably define some very vivid insights into destiny. Especially among the thoughtful. If pressed, I would argue that the similarity here is not chance, it is by definition. On this page it is written that: "[these are] Kids whose intelligence, complexity, and sensitivity were -- from my perspective -- etched in their faces." I am very happy to see someone else recognizes this issue. I have never understood why Rachel Scott and Daniel Mauser were killed, this does not seem to be a resolutive massacre. I think this is an absolutely excellent exploration.

This is absolutely brilliant.

In "Customized M&M's!"

This is great, however it's very annoying how they won't ship to Canada.

In ""a mixture of 17th century Scotland and 20th Century Fox""

Behemoth Cat, I went on the tour but I can't remember the bidet. It must have been a boring bidet.

In "Secret Christmas names"

Shhh, my secret name is Cutie Brandy butter-Bum. Typing my secret name into the secret name genarator results in Tumbleflump Poodle-Helper (my secret, secret name). My secret, secret, secret name is Gorgeous Tummy. I wonder if it ever gets into a repeating pattern? Hence, I could have a secret Christmas name cycle - and we could allocate groups based on this... It might be a whole new thing to fight wars about!

In "Knowing You, Knowing Me"

Online, particularily at a website like this there's also an element of one-directional conversation. I read much more than I post here, and therefore I feel I know all. However, in reality I know you much more about you, than you know me, which would translate less effectively, than my brain tells me it would, into meatspace.

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