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I thought "Cloverfield in 15 minutes" was hilarious. Thanks for the link, polychrome.

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I am progressing nicely with my mother-in-law's jewelry site, Terri J's It's not done, but I have a feeling it will *never* be done. I am also posting this from my new desk at my new job at the County. Said job being why I have been somewhat absent lately.

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Abigail will NOT be watching that episode!

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Hank, I think I might actually know what you mean by the sound you make for "no". Is it a guttural, squawky "eh eh eh eh" with hard h's? (Sorry, it's hard to describe.) PareidoliaticBoy, thanks for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss, but happy that the little guy got to spend the last years of his life in such happiness. I am not reading that article!

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Yes! I took the plunge a few months ago and spent the $5 to get a metafilter account, so it was with glee that I posted my score to that group and actually saw my name on the top 100 again. Whoo!

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I think I'll do that, DIMMN, because the new 404 is only slightly better than a default 404. Thanks all for your help!

That's a good suggestion, Rembrandt. Thanks!

Yeah, yous rules. I *do* still have to ask the new website people to redo their 404, but that's a hell of a lot better than asking them to create 427 dummy pages with redirects on them!

Brilliant! Thanks RTD!

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Try Ring Pass Not, another game over at Kongregate. Neat strategy game where you match tiles by color/symbol, with some twists.

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Sorry for the non-updatedness. I'm in a sticky situation, what with Mr. Minda's school and GrammaMinda's horrid schedule that weekend. I think I'm going to have to pass this one up. Dammit all.

Er, are we 100% set on Sunday? I had not appropriately conveyed the Sunday preference to Mr. Minda, and when he found out tonight that the 11th is the day, he said there's no way he can make it. Apparently he's got a mid term that Monday, and a night of drunken debauchery with the Mofi gang will cause him to fail it.

What's SOMA? I should note that Mr. Minda does *not* dance, and hates techno. That being said, if he can sit with a beer and someone of like-mind, he'll be happy. Trac, are you sure you can't make it? It would be the most coolest thing ever if we could dance with our Fearless Leader!

Oh, Mr. Minda says he'd like to go to a jazz club or an English pub. As for me, I wouldn't mind a stop somewhere for a bit of dancing. I can dance to anything except slow stuff and rap. My favorites are 70s/80s funk/r&b, and techno. Does anyone else like to dance?

I'm in!! When I told Mr. Minda about my plans to take public transportation there & back, he said "why don't we just drive?" (I do not drive in SF. Manhattan was quite enough, thankyouverymuch.) We'll save up our change for gas money (not having to use quarters for laundry does wonders for the change stockpile), and perhaps mooch a drink and potato skin or two from the generous koko & quid, and we will have a blast. BabyMinda will also have a blast. At Gramma's.

Well, if I can hitch a ride from Sacramento and back, and if I can get by on $7, I'm in. Otherwise, I'll be suffering in the purgatory that is November 2007's budget: Mr. Minda is obliged to take two weeks of unpaid time off for school, I am starting a new job that is much better (it's at the County), but pays $4 less per hour, and we're starting Abigail in a new daycare that costs $50/week more. Really, the timing couldn't be worse. *cries with mct*

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Lara, that was my thought too. It should be out soon. I signed up for the e-mail notification; I'll update this thread when it's done. I really hope they make the next one bigger, though. It's fun, but the tiny format was pretty daunting at first. Spam? What spam? I postie no spammie!

Okay now, we've been over this, and I'm pretty sure we came to the conclusion that an "its" with possession merited an apostrophe. Now you're switching it up on me, and that's just a bunch of hooey. Besides, since you didn't say anything about the link, your opinion doesn't count. Harrumph.

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Our government is so brave! They're not letting a seriously troubled economy, the devalued dollar, or the millions of people that are in foreclosure stop them from spending every penny the nation has on achieving TOTAL and ABSOLUTE victory. They're willing to drive the nation into complete poverty, willing to RUIN it, in order to prevail. No cost is too great for such a lofty goal! Their steely resolve is truly awe-inspiring. *vomits*

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*doesn't know what HW means*

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