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Unbelievable boredom has led me to rewrite my bio today. For the original, please look here.
Facts and Questions for Discussion:
I have had too much coffee today and am less than secure in the current condition of my bowels. I fear for my coworkers. Yet I drink more coffee. Question: Does this qualify as masochism, sadism, or is it just because I'm not allowed to drink bourbon at work?
As a child, I was terrified of clowns. I bore it well, and thanks to the literature of Stephen King and a horrifying encounter with Ronald McDonald, I was able to crap the fear right out of me. However, I can't help a lingering suspicion that clowns are in fact malevolent and molest me while I sleep. Further, I fear that I'm enjoying it. Question: Are there tangible benefits to using biodiesel engines over traditional gasoline-powered engines?
Finally, I make it a general policy to eschew evil (not to mention the word "eschew", which I have now used twice), yet as an American, I believe that others secretly suspect that my country as a whole is chock-full o' evil. I am torn between anger and the urge to apologize, and have considered rectifying the situation by telling people that I'm French. On the subject of evil, I minored in religious studies, which means that I know how to spell "eschatology." Question: How many words in the English language start with "esch"? To begin, read this paragraph again carefully.

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