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I used to work with Unix; now I work with dogs. The dogs love me more, but the servers were less likely to bite. So really, it's kind of a wash. Cell phone plans Linux eBay.
I'll eat almost anything but rhubarb. (I'm still not convinced that rhubarb is edible.) I don't watch TV, but I download or rent DVDs of the good shows and watch them at my computer. I have been quitting smoking for the last year and a half. I like to cook, but I'm very clumsy in the kitchen, so you'd best stand back. I have two cats, a Hello Kitty toaster, and not much else, but I like it that way.
A dark, wobbly pic of me giving a Seattle Mefi/Mofi meetup shoutout to Oolong. Dammit, I loved that rabbit!
I knit. A lot. The details can be found on my blog.
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