In "Superman in Hospital"

why didn't he take off from the ground first?

In "Michael Crichton is a moron"

After several weeks, nay, years of pondering the intricate questions raised by this post, I finally have an interesting and well thought out comment to offer this discussion: Michael Crichton is a moron NO SHIT

In "Teacher Gone Wild!! (wmv File)"

what rodgerd said. creepy.

In "Face transformer"

I'm a monkey! ok, ape

In "CG -- Cubase System 4"

Holy cow, I had no idea that dongles still existed. it does, and apparently it works, too. at least this one. the best audiowarez crackers out there (that would be H20) have been working on it for several months now, but sx3 still hasn't been cracked.

In "Corey Feldman is back!"

this day should be an internet holiday

In "Claim to Fame"

I'm a member of the same community weblog as Portugal's second best selling author of all time.

In "Kerry gets an endorsement he might not want."

To me anti-Bush equals pro-Kerry on October 29th...Unless you think he's a Nader man. or, he doesn't give a flying fuck about the US election.

me thinks drjimmy didn't rtfa "But he made little mention of Bush's Democratic challenger John Kerry, saying: 'Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda.'"

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how's this? Stripping off her bathing-suit, she walked into the huge shower. She pulled the lime green curtain across the entrance and then set the water for a tepid 75-degrees. The spray felt great against her skin as she ducked her head underneath the nozzle. Closing her eyes she concentrated on the tingling sensation of water flowing against her body. Suddenly another sensation entered, Ashley felt two large hands wrap themselves around her breasts and hot breathe on the back of her neck. She opened her eyes wide and giggled, "I thought you drowned out there snorkel man." Tommy O'Malley was naked and at attention. "Drowning is not an option", he said, "unless of course you beg me to perform unnatural acts – right here in this shower."

In "Superman is dead"


In "The counting has started"

Wait, those are the "Liberals"? Jeez. now you see why the real "lefties" of the world see the US liberals & republicans as pretty much the same...

In "Good Flag, Bad Flag"

Maybe make a flag out of wood?

I want to hear Bush pronounce "Vexillology". Just once.

he bashes turkmenbashi! buuurn him!

In "The counting has started"

sorry, Wolof

In "Spreading Scandinavian Genes."

if anyone's up for a monkeyswap, I'm game

In "DDR Fanfiction"

I thought this would be about Eastern Germany.

In "Deutsche Welle, now in Klingon!"

this is just wrong

In "The Jim Rose Dubya World Circus of Freaks. "

It is.

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