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The thing I remember about my dear chia pet and what roryk also refers to is the need to create an environment that encourages that sort of growth. Which would, I guess, involve some kind of plastic enclosure for the spot if you are painting it on a wall or building.

Comme ├ža?

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Sounds like there's an outbreak of alchomaholism at the Irish embassy. They're as bad as Taco Bell is with e coli.

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badger badger badger badger

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Oooh, burn!

"Yes it would be, parts of rock are about sex, hedonism and drugs. Sure some music is granola eating birkenstock music, but that is a niche market." Interesting dichotomy--it's almost as if you must dress like a ho or cover it all up and there is no in between. If only there was a good name for that choice women face with how they present themselves. I will say that the two times I saw Macy Gray perform, she had a way of projecting all of those hedonistic things while wearing clothes that were mildly flashy, but not revealing. I'm thinking it had something to do with her pwning the stage.

"To be fair, there are plenty of men signing female artists not prancing around in high heels. But it's hard to imagine this comment about Spears coming from a female: During an A&R panel at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, in March, a male talent exec joked after seeing a wholesome photo of a young Spears with a puppy that "she was the all-American girl you just wanted to defile." Who would ever think such a thing?

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Sadly, the translator gave my browser the vapors and crashed it when I tried to watch. I'll have to give this a try on another computer, I have high hopes it will be like that Elizabethan tranlsation of Baby Got Back.

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W00t, medusa and sly_polyglot found some of the silliness that caused me to post this in the first place.

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Here's what I'm thinking--since we are making jokes about the collective penis size of the men of one country, men of monkeyfilter, why not share with the rest of us how you measure up?

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Oh god, what is that smell?

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The second one is also on the NSFW side, which would have been nice to know since that's where I am.

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These things can be joked about without turning into boyzone, believe it or not, fish tick.

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Great link!

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For whatever reason there is a lack of women in comedy. There is also a lack of men in communications, arts & crafts, fashion, etc. I guess its not proper or PC to ask the reasons why. Rofflecopter!

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Try harder, you haven't farked it up enough in this thread yet.

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Ugh, please. Making people laugh is one of my favorite things. There are plenty of funny men and women in this world.

Can you repeat that, HawthorneWingo?

And koko, had I paid attention to preview.

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