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Great post, by the way. People should talk about physics more often.

Oh, I think it is a wonderful mathematical theory, and I really look forward to the day when we have the computational power to make and prove predictions with it, but that day is far, far away. At this point, calling it physics is a little much for me. But, I think our focus should be on other theories such as Loop Quantum Gravity. I may be biased, though. I came from an institution that was heavily against the dogmatic attitude of string theorist.

Unfortunately, string theory is currently completely unprovable. Give it a couple thousand years.

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Excellent link There will still be significant difference between those who earned the muscle through hard work and those who gained it through a drug. A lot of weight lifting not only leads to muscular changes, but also changes to your central nervous system in how motor units are recruited. Essentially, you not only get stronger but also more efficient in the motions. This is one reason why body builders might be physically bigger than Olympic lifters, but the Olympic lifter will (usually) be able to move more weight at a much lighter weight.

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Sounds like some of you were picked last in gym class...

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This is easily one of the best web comics I've read in a long time. Check it out, it'll only take you a little bit to burn through the entire thing.

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Hm, so we have a minority scientists/researchers/doctors who say that being obese is not unhealthy, and we then have the majority of scientists/researchers/doctors who disagree and say that it is quite unhealthy. Of course, there must be some sort of conspiracy at work here. That is the only explanation.

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Some references for that x-ray may be nice.

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Hooray physics! *goes back to cosmic ray research*

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A muddy rugby shirt and a broken nose have been working for me.

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So if I get a Mac, I could play games on it finally? I mean, like, good games? Nice.

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Actually, why don't you just download a weeks worth of content from MoFi and write a perl script grab each unique name from the "posted by" link, then sum the names? Hell, when I'm done with my homework I may just do that.


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Touching myself with the intent of orgasm. Wait, I think I did this wrong...

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We couldn't cry, but we could listen to the Smiths. Same thing, right?

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Scrapple. I love the stuff, but I have to admit it is kind of strange. Fry it up till it is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and then spread it on toast. Delicious.

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So, vegemite's form on the top of a gave, and marmites on the bottom, or did I get that backwards again?

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If you paid to be a Subgenius, you are not a Subgenius.

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Places that have drug tested me: Starbucks, Nathan's Hotdogs, Credit card telemarketing, Medical telemarketing, Best Buy, Steak house Places that have not tested me: Penn State University, my dad Yeah, I don't get it.

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