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Grew up in Japan, Thailand, Argentina, and other furrin parts (not to mention Southern California and the DC area, perhaps even stranger places); currently residing in NYC but shortly to move upstate. For further reading see my MeFi profile and my hats page (which goes into detail about my baseball affiliations and mentions some of my musical favorites).
So far, MoFi is a much more congenial place to hang out than MeFi (knock wood). The lack of constant snarking is a blessed relief.
12/30/04: I dislike what was done to littlegett, and since the thread is closed, I'm going to say so here. He has a personal site, like a zillion other people, and he didn't ask anyone to come along and make public fun of it; furthermore, when he was made fun of, he was pretty damn tolerant and jovial at first. After he was baited, he started getting nasty: what a surprise! And what fun it is to bait people until they turn nasty!
Yes, the internet is a public place, but so is the sidewalk, and you probably wouldn't walk up to somebody having a conversation on the sidewalk, stick a microphone in his face, amplify what he says for the multitudes, and make public fun of it. You wouldn't do that because he might punch you. On the internet, he can't punch you, he can only make futile threats. Oh the cowardice! Excuse me, I meant comedy. Oh the comedy!
This place has been disappointing me lately. (I know, I know, I can get my money back at the door.)

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