In "Bankrupt Kodak Corporation is taking its name off the Hollywood theater where the Oscars are held."

I completely disagree. Pepper spray is clearly the weapon of choice of a pissed off woman. It was Catwoman.

In "The latest chapter in the Star Wars/Star Trek rivalry:"

I am young, and I still don't think about Liam Neeson having anything to do with Star Wars or Patrick Stewart having anything to do with Star Trek.

In "Fine Art Barbie"

Sometimes the internet makes me very, very happy!

In "Private Sector Failure #37,485"

I saw that movie Gasland. Heartbreaking.

In "This WAS Dick Tufeld Speaking..."

I would like to see someone list five of the most talented female voice-over artists.

In "The girl with 7 horses."

I love these, too! It has been too long since I had some horses up on my bedroom wall.

In "Comic Strip of the Day"

That girl in "That Other Alice" could have been me. I drove my poor mother crazy.

In "Star Trek Parodies"

Love the steampunk video!

In "Star Wars Uncut "

This needs to be done with every movie.

In "Bob Dylan Talks About Painting"

I love the colors. Some of those are just so alive.

In "Strange illustrations"

Some of them seem rather benevolent.

In "Hornets vs. Bees"

That camera work is amazing. How did they do that?

In "Scientists make events "disappear" using "Time-holes""

Please tell me this works with acne.

In "Proof that "Infographics" are not a new idea"

I am from the Bay State. I'm not sure what a pig has to do with that.

In "SLYT: The cast of Spongebob re-record classic movie scenes."

I grew up on Spongebob. Love the Godfather one!

In "Heads Blow Up."

I'm a bit of a horror buff so I recognized most of these. Some were new to me. All were fantastic!

In "The Philosoraptor Song"

I love that people who create silly things get to put them on the internet. It gives encouragement to people who prolly wouldn't have any otherwise.

In "Public school gives out bibles."

Go Pagan mom! That sounds like something I'd do if I had kids (which is probably why I will never have kids!)

In "Gene Shalit"

That is a mustache only a mother could love.

In "When American Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney"

Does that count as a guaranteed job created by the Mittster, that is? I think I want to call him "Mittster Romney" if I ever meet him.

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