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Retrosurf, here's the Seattle facility. Recently in the news.

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'In court cases, secret security officers will just reaffirm what they had written' in the original files, she said. 'And judges, lacking the necessary knowledge, will believe them.'

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Good god, dx. As I have shown in previous articles an amoral elite power fosters feminism as part of a long-term agenda to dislodge western civilization from its religious and cultural moorings. The tax-exempt foundations, the elite media, the CIA and the Communist Party of the USA are all behind the promotion of sexual dysfunction in the guise of feminism. The purpose is to destroy the nuclear family, decrease population, stunt human development and destabilize society. Our government is part of this elite agenda that aims to create a materialist, fascist "New World Order". Feminists who oppose the NWO are unwitting agents of it. *boggles*

it's all part and parcel of the same issue I disagree, but sincerely appreciate your elaborations. You never did answer my question. I assume there is some cognitive dissonance attached. You're welcome to assume whatever you like. Your viewpoint is so gynocentric, and mine so disrespectful, that I don't think I can help matters by elaborating or explaining. So let's allow my gaffe to stand on its own two misshapen feet.

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Gotcha, rory. Now get inside!

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You don't have a clue as to WHAT my complete thoughts on this subject are Of course I didn't and still don't, though I now have a much better notion, thank you. I was initially operating from only I don't want to argue which offenders are dangerous and which are not, I just want my daughters and grandaughters safe. ... You, goetter, are an asshole and a troll. ... your mother ... you apparently aren't any part of the solution. The RAINN site is useful, and tells us 93% of juvenile sexual assault victims knew their attacker. So of what use bridge sequestering? That's what I call mass hysteria. I also don't see conflating adult rape with child abuse as useful.

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OMG double Curious George!!1!

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You're doing exactly what you accuse me of doing, Blue. Whatever. I've seen it firsthand, too. I post under my own name, so I won't go into further autobiographical detail. Not anybody else's business what happened.

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Anti-Compassion Club represent!! *flashes dollar-shaped gang sign* Path, I'd say that the lack of editorializing on the front page is a good thing. Nominally, I share Bagge's politics, but this and the rest of his Reason work does little for me. I prefer the memories of his explosively ornate Girly-Girl and Chuckie-Boy, Martini Baton, and the consummately offensive Stretchpants ("And the ball point pen wounds were made into tattoos of a religious nature. The end!"). The late Weirdo to Neat Stuff days. He was much funnier when he was willing to be indiscriminately offensive. Trying to make a point, it doesn't work so well for me.

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No harm, no foul. I certainly could have made my point more sensitively. Or maybe Cul de Cheval, Idaho is lousy with Canadian sex tourists. Hard to say. I will say that there is a class of -- not going to use the apparently volatile "b------" word (big big faux on my part, and I am sorry about that slip) -- breeding mothers who go absolutely fucking cross-eyed with rage when you suggest that any part of current American sexual offender public policy is hyperbolic. And apparently BH belongs to that body. I have met, and inadvertently offended, her ilk before. For the record, I think that motherhood, maternal protectiveness, parental protectiveness, and proactive vigilante dismemberment of anything that threatenes your spawn are all excellent and extremely desirable things. You wouldn't believe how tribe-protective even we selfish nonbreeders can be (my wife jokes about my vigilantism regularly). I just see the intersection of this, mass hysteria, and whoremongering politicians as bad for public policy.

Thank you for that thoughtful and enlightening answer, Blue. I'm glad I can depend on you to remain true to form.

It's a pretty solid test for the breeders versus the non-breeders, at least here in the US of A. The breeders are more afraid that somebody's going to RAPE THEIR BABIES than, I don't know, kill 'em dead. Because the unholstered toddler-seeking penis of their fantasies is apparently more terrifying than any butcher knife, cheap handgun, or Oldsmobile-wielding octogenarian. Any policitian can score points with the paranoid mommies of my country by passing some crap tracking law. Who could resist? Yes, Chester the Molester is a menace. But more so than any other sociopath? If I decide to show off my new THUG LIFE tattoo by knocking over a couple of minimarts with a shotgun, I may get sent away for two to ten, but I won't have to live under a bridge after my furlough from gaol. Not immediately, anyway.

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For artistic passion and fecundity, I'll back extraordinarily repressed nineteenth-century Vienna against any of Moore's groovy-free-love fantasy civilizations. For they are fantasies, safely insulated by the millenia. *wonders if there's a market for Venus of Willendorf buttplugs*

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im in ur suburb, clawing ur d00ds

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How about the eBay gray market? Eg item 130095482560.

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Facile, masturbatory logorrhea. I have four words for Alan Moore: Shut Up And Fuck.

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The primary use of palladium is in catalytic converters for automobile gasoline engines (but not diesel -- the sulfur apparently whacks it). Also, according to the unimpeachable Nickel Magazine ("THE MAGAZINE DEVOTED TO NICKEL AND ITS APPLICATIONS!" Subscribe now and get up to 3,240% off of newstand price), precious nickel is helping clean up after dirty, filthy Canadians. Remember, there is no "iron" in irony. Only Ni and Pd.

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Oh, my.

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I am only about forty miles to the south of the Canuckistanian border, but clearly could never live Up There, because I have no fucking idea why you're apologizing, Cap'n. Or bernockle. Y'all both amuse the hell out of me.

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How could this Peretti person screw up evil magic rednecks? That sounds completely awesome. The Hill Have Eyes awesome. Trailer park fu awesome. I am saddened.

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