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Thanks! Nice to see old folks all over!

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that website is A+; lots of interesting stuff!

that website is A+; lots of interesting stuff!

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Also hello. Is this still an active and turning forum? Worth posting to in the future?

Hype Machine is a safe bet these days really.

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Doing my own business as a music publicist these days. It took seven years but it worked out well. Making more than enough to live on my own. Everything is beautiful. You can do it too! Thanks to you all again. This was a great forum and really good for me.

Six years later, I'm feeling much better.

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Hey all: I know it's ugly self promotion, but I'm doing this again this Friday and I'd love to have a monkey contingent. Info is here; let me know if you're coming, as I'd love to meet you!

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Pez, email me off thread; you've got plenty I'd love to give a go at!

Anybody wanna get back on this train?

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OMG I have to find a way to never play kdice ever again; last night i killed three hours and it felt like four minutes.

Random roll for each die. One roll for every die. You are awarded the number of dice each turn equal to the largest number of countries you have conquered adjacent to one another in a contiguous mass

I MUST STAY AWAY FROM KDICE The only thing missing from Dicewars is multiplayer. That's some EverCrack right there.

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You guys are teh awesome. I think I kinda guiltily knew that this was self-promotion and intentionally sabotaged myself with it so it couldn't actually help sales. It makes sense to my warped mind, I guess... The show went great and we're doing it again on July 27th... the hope is that this will be a regular monthly thing. Everybody cool on me updating this when I've got more info and bumping when it happens? I'd dearly love to have a monkey contingent.

whups; admin please move to self post thread? Forgot the general monkey law: ape shall not (self)hype ape.

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I didn't realize the owner of the amazing bibliodyssey was a fellow monkey! Kudos!

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I saw Porter live in New York some months ago and it was one of the better shows I've ever seen.


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