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The nearest I can get is "London". That's a damned big place!

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That's what England should look like...if I actuallly get there someday, I may be disappoined when some of it looks like any other modern, industrial city. Amazingly, this is exactly what (the centre of) Cambridge looks like when everyone is tucked up in bed. I did my degree there and miss the place massively and these photos have reminded me of what a beautiful place it is. Admittedly the colours are a little "false", but the atmosphere is about right. I can heartily advise a visit there if you ever get the chance.

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Jackass has a lot to apologise for.

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That is surely one of the most amazing insights I've ever seen. As a Londoner in the UK, I can only imagine the idea of the mid-west, and this blog is everything and thought it would be...including the ferrel cats and raccoons ;)

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I happen to think that there is a qualitative and profound distinction between terrorists the likes of the IRA and terrorists the likes of the various and numerous Al-qaeda franchises. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". But who decides the designation - the perpetrator or the victim?

I'd be tempted to say that the IRA's decommissioning is their recognition that terrorism doesn't work and that negotiation IS the only way forward. After all, terrorism didn't help them achieve their goals but they think that diplomacy will. The main problem with the decommission is that there is no firm evidence that everything has been given up, other than the three statements of the observers.

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Aye, but you need a little water to take away the bite.

I adore Sex on the Beach. Only the drink, though - the pysical act chafes a bit. There's a load of different recipes for it, but mine is as follows: Equal quantities of Vodka, Malibu and Peach Schnapps. Mix these with a bit of Orange Juice in a glass, and then add a shot of Grenadine in the top. This is key, as the Grenadine sinks to the bottom of the cocktail and makes it fade from red to orange to yellow like a sunset.

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I should just add (as this makes my last comment a bit more relevant!) that I now use one of these moisture traps in our bathroom as well because we have a carpet in there. We haven't had as many problems with damp and ensuing issues as before we had it...but I wouldn't say it's completely "solved" the issue. Replacing the carpet sounds a good plan, but if you can't (like us - our landlord is being difficult) then trying to alleviate the problem is at least a step in the right direction.

A dehumidifier sounds a good plan, but they cost a fortune. We had problems with damp in our bedroom because it was such a tiny room that we had to push the bed right up against the (concrete) wall. The wallpaper soon started to sprout mould and mildew but, not wanting to pay for a dehumidifier, I went to Woolworths (in the UK) and bought a moisture trap like this one. It's a simple design - you put calcium choloride crystals into a slotted tray at the top of what's effectively a plastic box. This is a dessicant, and so removes moisture from the air. It dissolves into the water, which then drips through the tray into the plastic box beneath. You can get these things from most hardware and home stores in the UK, so I expect they'd be just as common in other places.

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Aaaah...that was me trying to be all clever and ultimately forgetting that the universe is the greatest mystery. Damn this expanding universe and its ability to continue to baffle us! Incidentally, having seen the quick mention of gravity, I was told by a physics teacher at school once that the laws of gravity don't work properly on Jupiter. Does anyone know if that's true?

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Ahhhh, those crazy Swedes! Perhaps the turkey in one of the kitchens is due for a Turducken...

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Perhaps we should just scrap the existing time system - it's evidently deeply flawed ;-) Surely if we just re-calibrate everything to be tiny fractions of a millisecond longer then there wouldn't be any need for leap-seconds in the first place.

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I'm sure his eyes are like the possessed girl in The Exorcist... /me hides behind a pillow

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Hmmmmmmm. Love him, or hate him? There's little doubt that drunken squawking is a part of modern life in the city...but it's also the root cause of such attrocities as Pop Idol and American Idol. Bloody Simon Cowell.......

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Hmmm...since it's (virtually) the same design, do you think it'll give the same cramp and blisters as the original NES controller?

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