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Monograph is available. Only 48 pages but nice stuff if you like his work. (I do, although part of reacts against cutting up books, in this case I ignore it).

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I actually own these, my mum found them about 17 years ago in a remainder bookshop and bought the sets for all three films. The Star Wars on is the most interesting, just because it's the most different from the film, this picture has the Luke Skywalker character as a girl (maybe supposed to end up with Han?) Must check where these are at some point.

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Your description almost matches Eric Flint's Assiti Shards Series to a tee. A small town (Grantville, West Virginia) and its inhabitants are transported to Northern Germany, 1632. Their presence and attempts to survive have a massive impact on the course of the thirty years war as they introduce new technology and ideas to the region. You can actually download several of the books, 1632, 1633 and the first Grantville Gazette anthology for free in a variety of formats from here. As you've specified they all contain some pretty non-rosy views of the past and are rip-roaring reads. Impressively the anthologies, (five volumes - some published and some ebooks) based in the universe Flint created, grew from fanfic posted on a discussion thread about the books, which shows how engaging readers have found the basic idea behind the books.

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As well as various ones mentioned above I also (on WinXP) use Spyware Blaster, MP3tag, and I like to have a file renamer to hand, at the moment I'm using Batch File Renamer. Good question BTW, and does anyone know what Mitheral is likely to be referring to with 'Convert'?

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Oops, also meant to say - drill _here, the limit is, I think, 28 items, though it might be 26, I forget now. Thanks livii, definitely time to ditch some guns...although not too many though. I'll keep the mobile phone though in case they ever start working (Will zombies be able to use them? it'd be great to ring someone and then only hear 'Graagh' meaning they'd been zombiefied). Thanks for the sterling work blag, I guess the password attempts might mean someone's taking the monkey force seriously (a little too seriously perhaps).

I'm running into a lot more zombies wearing flak jackets, which I'm finding a bit anoying. Just got bargain hunting, so am stocking up on essentials at the mall before heading out to get enough XP for headshot. If there's a limit on how much you can carry I might have to ditch some of my arsenal as well (although how my character can carry 6 shotguns and 8 pistols while jumping from roof to roof is a bit of a mystery).

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I've only had a quick look, but this seems to have lots of interesting information. I'm definitely going to read the through the music articles.

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Tenacious, ahem, Were you worried no one else would notice so you decided to draw attention to your original FPP yourself Chyren? I didn't think there was a problem with 'double posting' in comments. There's nothing in the guidelines about it as far as I can see.

Very nice, I'm thinking it would look very good in the dark as well, with all the illuminated symbols. (Would take a bit more than that to justify purchasing it though, and how would it cope with all the cigarette ash my normal keyboard just ignores?)

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Mine is from some graffiti on a garage that was on my way to work a few years ago. It was accompanied by a crude drawing of an oil derrick. I did try to take a photo, but when I had the film developed it hadn't come out, and by then the graffiti had been painted over. I've always remembered the phrase and so use it online for various things, although it's a bit long for some websites, but I have a bunch of other handles. Just reading this thread has made me think of another one: 'corrupt schaedler'. Maybe I'll find a use for that at some point.

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I use both ad block and flashblock, and they've both transformed my internet experience. The 'click to play' means I can choose whether I want to see flash content or not (most of the time I choose not to). It did make me realise how many band sites use way too much flash in their design as well.

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