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jimbob a jerk? Unpossible.

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Bugger! I noted the URL of the previous comment and forgot to subtract 1 from it. Idiot.

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yhbc, I wondered if it was something to do with the default MetaPhilter template/stylesheet. See how I cunningly tricked you into doing my testing? In the meantime, try if you want to post here. ... "grumpy yet endearingly curmudgeonish" persona. Needs more cowbell.

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[this is good]

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What's that puddle in the corner then? *furtively zips up pants* yhbc et al - the links seem fine to me on either IE or FireBird and XP at 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600. I experienced a similar problem when setting up BuoyTalk and found that it was related to the size of the space allocated for the nav bar in the stylesheet. Can't remember exactly what I did to fix it, though :-(

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When it comes to Doctor Who, surely time is immaterial?

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Who is this "Fes" person you speak of?

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[these are good]

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*pouts because nobody wanted to impersonate him*

dg, I thought tracicle was doing all the admin business around here, but I've been wrong before... (27.5% of my MeFi posts contain "Homer Moments") You and me both... I wonder if she is working on her Amazon wishlist yet?

So tracicle is the new mathowie? I hope the power doesn't go to her head.

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News just in - MeFi sign-ups to re-open

*looks around with interest* Great! Now I have even less time to get any work done at work. I may have to get a second job so I have enough time for MeFi and MoFi. tracicle, you can allow any HTML you want as part of the MetaPhilter configuration (but you probably know that).

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