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Well I guess I'm in the minority when I say holy crap, that just made my year. I'm sure Carter realizes it's a bit too far gone, and taking that into account would make a "sequel" well worth seeing for anyone who ever appreciated the show before he screwed it up (imho). If they get the writers from the first three season who are responsible for likes of Ice, Beyond the Sea, War of the Coprophages, Syzygy, Clyde Bruckman, etc., I'm in. Well, I'm in either way. Yes, I'm that girl. Don't get me started. Just look at the nickname... Anyone else think it was a conspiracy that the first movie came out on my birthday AND my last day of high-school ever which obviously forced me to skip the last day of my senior year and go see the movie? Twice. Yea. That's what I thought.

In "Curious George: Who would want to be me anyway?" I really want to smash it. That sounds like fun. If I were to keep the HDD for that pesky security/identity theft reason, y'all still think I could sell the danged laptop sans? Hi Koko! :)

Awesome. I'd done a google search but was getting some sketchy looking results and wasn't quite sure which sources to trust. And for things as sensitive as this, I'd much rather info directly from the mouths of babes who've done something like this before. You rock, thanks Nomen Nescio.

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Volunteer. Internships aren't just for college kids. Aquariums, schools, shelters (animal and human), research facilities. Even if it's not what you want to do, the experience could change who you are, make you more open to different possibilities. I went from an introverted brunette at a hideously unfitting (for me) office job in a lawfirm in Boston to living as a quirky blonde in the Bahamas as a divemaster because of one internship. Don't be afraid to be scared, do something completely whacky. And do that thing you wanted to do when you were 12, or 5, or 20. Doing that could lead you to something you love. That probably won't pay well...

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Ramen noodles, very versatile. Cook 'em up and drain all the water, then add honey, soy sauce, sometimes a dash of tobasco and/or worcestershire, and half the seasoning pack. you can throw in some fresh broccoli too and make it extra healthy.

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For the curious monkeys - turns out persistence, patience, and preparation create the key combination. Oh, and not being a bitch. That helped too. Who knew? Anyway, thanks to everyone for their advice, everything worked out, thankfully. Got the bill reduced to a manageable amount and a whole bunch of other stuff I never expected! Go team go!

path: if that was an option for me, trust me, I'd go with it. But I kinda, er, don't live on land... Thanks everyone for all the input! I'm going to call tomorrow, being cool calm and collected, organized, and ready to not take any shit. And I'll let you know how it goes. Bring it on.

AND I just found out according to my service "summary" (which looks a whole lot like a contract) I am supposed to be on an entirely different plan, one that wouldn't have made me go over this month. This is what happens when you leave the country for a year and come back and expect everything to have gone smoothly while you were gone. NEVER assume.

and just silly reasons too... *sigh* This country is why I drink

In my favor, I have never filed a complaint against them before, never been a pain in the ass, always pay on time, etc. I've been with the company forever (except for a small week-long stint when I went over to Verizon for shits and giggles and hated it too). However I am under contract because of that damn stint - had to "resign" when I came back a year ago (even though I do not recall signing anything but whatever). And dude, they can have my first born if they want it, just quit charging me ridiculous amounts of money for silly reasons reason!

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I dunno what kind of cetaceans your friends have been fraternizing with roryk. In my 3 years as wild dolphin pornographer I mean researcher I've not once been propositioned. I guess I must smell funny or something.

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We celebrate it here in the Bahamas too, but in a really fun way. Junkanoo started way back in the days of slavery, when the slaves were given some time off during the Christmas season. Some stories say that they were only allowed to celebrate during the hours between sunset and sunrise because there were lots of things to be done during daylight hours. So in the wee hours of the morning they would break out the drums and bells and dress up in costumes and just go nuts with some pretty fabulous music and intense celebration. I was personally awoken by a small Junkanoo parade outside my window very early on Christmas morning. On my little island we have a planned parade on New Years Day at 5:30AM (there will be no sleeping that night) and other Junkanoo gatherings sporadically happen throughout the year. The best place to experience it is on Nassau, where bands that have been practicing all year long compete in a huge parade. Though I think it's pretty fun to see the little kids here on this island with drums twice their size banging away to the Junkanoo beat. If you've ever experienced it, you know how completely infectious it is. Loud drum beats, bells and horns, elaborate costumes, and dancing. Everyone dances. Even the little American girl. Badly, but she dances :) And the next time you're down here, take a closer look at the label of the local beer, Kalik. The beer gets its name from the sound that the cow bells make in Junkanoo music and just at the top of the label you'll see two cowbells Ka-licking together. And although Eleutheran pineapple is hands-down the best pineapple on earth, I like Kalik best with lime.

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Alnedra - I think that's a fabulous idea!

And I second what planetthoughtful said - I'd love to start a letter-writing campaign with anyone interested. At least get my creative juices flowing and keep me occupied in the off-season. Email in profile.

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To this day I'm still terrified to lick anything cold and metal. Not that I would make a habit of that if I hadn't seen that movie...

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I had a pen pal for a while and then he just up and disappeared so I haven't written a letter in a while. I think that's going to be my new year's resolution, to keep in better touch with folks - I normally don't do resolutions cuz I think its silly to wait until a certain date to do something good for yourself but this conveniently coincides so why not? And it's true that thoughts come out differently in handwritten letters than in emails. In emails you can go back and edit yourself, not so much in handwritten letters. What you see is what you get.

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Undoubtedly I'll be here, since there's nowhere else to go on this island except the end of the world (no really), and if all goes well I'll be sucking face with some unbelievably adorable sailor boy and trying to keep my mind of this whole plane crash thing

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I'm still befuddled by the dildoey looking guy with the pink nose on top of the virgin sign (heh). What did I miss?

Lemonheads (with the rest of the fruits) and Iron Maiden (crossing the street). Could that Zombie's name be Rob perchance? (stage left)

And talking heads (on the TVs)

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