I'm in.

In "Confessions of a Man Who Almost Went Postal."

Monkeyfilter: The moronic effluvia of the lizard brain down there somewhere.

In "Earth Hour has been and gone for the year."

I am embarrassed to admit I forgot all about Earth Hour, even with a friend reminding me.

In "Tactile illusions"

Phantom cell phone vibration gets me at least once daily.

In "..and I take again cafe..."

I have this video on overplay, can't get enough!

In "Josh Freese, ex-drummer from Nine Inch Nails, is selling his new album. Plus some extras, for a price."

Trac AND Gramma 4 teh win! (first ones free!) I read Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys personally called every donor of $100 or more to his New Orleans Flood charity. It's a really cool idea. Good for Josh.

In "Inflatable Russian tanks"

General 1- "Now here's how we're gonna defend our country. First, we blow up all our tanks" General 2- "Wait, did you say blow up the tanks?" General 1- "Yes, and then the trucks with the ICBM's, That's the only way to win this war!"

In "Like we did last winter..."

I would like to take a little space here and thank Neddy for getting this set up this year, it was really fun! And also, thank you to Tracicle for giving us the forum, but mostly thanks to es el Queso- who drew my name in the secret santa. Monkeys, I received a framed photo that Cheese took of a beach, with San Francisco in the mist/fog in the background. Since I live in the midwest, and was locked in a deep-freeze all that week, it was a perfect gift. Also, every piece of art on my home office wall is autographed- personalized if possible and Queso wrote a nice inscription on the bottom so I could include it in my small collection. It was hung that evening, and makes me smile every time I see it. Really classy EEQ, thanks again. Also, mothy... I would LOVE a copy of your moficdx if you still have one handy!

In "PetFilter"

Just adopted a new pup from the local Humane Society. We have named her Frangelica. This is her info page that caught our eye: Frangelica (not porsche).

In "Curious Snowed-in George:"

Deep snow yesterday, no idea how much... Really REALLY cold temps and windchills... warnings of below 40 tonight. Gotta love southern Minnesota!

In "Curious George: Santa hacks."

If the young sir thought the bird flew to your house, would he then surmise that the bird likes to fly? And then let it?

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In "Once again,"

When football players get injured in -4 degree weather, do they bother putting ice on the injury? Wouldn't that warm up the injury to 32 degrees? Man, I laughed so hard I scared the dog.

Why don't humans have a mating season? They do. It's oregano. And a little salt. And Tequila. Not so much the oregano though.

In "No Cake 4 Hitler"

Happy Birthday der fuhrer, Happy Birthday der fuhrer, Happy Birthday lil' Adolf, Happy Birthday to you! Blow out the cross shaped candles and wish for a new name! But seriously, in this economy, can anyone afford to refuse a job?

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In "Like we did last winter..."

Alnedra, please count me in! I really enjoyed moficdx 7 a year ago. Waxboy, Koko and Queso sent out 3 very different, very cool discs that I have listened to AT LEAST a dozen times each. Capt. & Tracicle, I promise to put your mixes in heavy rotation too. ;) So based on that positive experience I would love to do the gift exchange.

In "The Slanket"

Some would say the same about me Waxboy.

In "Apes Helping Apes:"

Bonobo Kanzi achieves a "Barry Lydon" affect with the softness. In the edges.

In "Thomas Kinkade's 16 guidelines "

Codpiece! Codpiece!

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