In "All the Katamari Damacy lyrics, translated to English."

eight years later and i have ~300,000 of the 'required' 1 million roses. almost there!

In "A preemptive strike!"

i stand corrected; obama is now the president (2nd term!) and so, Fes wins the thread. i *wanted* to believe.

In "The Scale of the Universe"

rad presentation... i like the scrolling. good stuff.

In "Free Quonsar!"

...and yet another friggin happy (belated) birthday to q. anyone want to administer the birthday spankings?

In "Juan the Bear attempts Zoo escape - with a bicycle."

bear driving a bumper car Susie, a bear from the Bertram Mills Circus, surprises two passengers in another dodgem car at Olympia, in London, where the circus is performing for Christmas. England, 1954.

In "Strange Maps"

"Boleslav the Wrymouthed" would be a pretty sweet username imho

In "Make your photo into a Wall Street Journal style hedcut. "

it's a good idea, but still needs a bit of work imho. for reference: wall street journal hedcut portraits of clinton & bush you can see right away how the ^wsj ones are much more rough and 'texturized'... compared w/ the ps tutorial ones, where the crosshatches are barely visible.

In "It's hard being rich"

you sick fucks

In "Wine scandal leaves Sausalito with a bad taste."

war on terroir?


I'd Love This Product Even If I Weren't A Stealth Marketer

i'd be willing to throw in 10 USD if middleclasstool takes a load of bongwater in each nostril and then uploads the video. whos with me?

In "Al Gore book excerpt: The Assault on Reason."

next thing you know, al gore will ask us to stop watching tv during the HOCKEY PLAYOFFS! of course, what else would you expect from the guy that INVENTED INTERWEB? hello can you say "conflict of interests" sheesh


sidenote: "nasal douche" has just entered my permanent vocabulary. check out this neti pot video demonstration... [mostly sfw (eg no owl semen) but may contain a naughty word]

In ""

why would zombie jesus want to eat my brains

In "LolCatBuilder"

In "Rewarding mass homicide."

[i, singh hi, am trapped in this fortune cookie factory. i would kill for a tall glass of cold milk. please send help!] and yes, clearly liberalism is to blame. for everything.

In "My First Conk"

you sick fucks. personally, i'd rather be hung than hanged, i suppose. but given the previous sentence: "The ironic thing is that I have never heard any woman, white or black, express any admiration for a conk." (conk, not cock) and the social/historical context, i have to agree with something more along the lines of insolentchimp's & es el queso's interpretations... i.e.,

"donna, did you notice his hair? it's almost as straight as a white man's! isn't that nifty?" "no, nancy, i was too busy thinking about his enormous black snake." "oh, donna, you're such a size queen!" "actually nancy i'm rather frightened of reptiles. but let's see if he wants to walk to the malt shop with us after science class." "gee whiz, that's a swell idea!"
btw ^that "KKK" logo is... spooky

i don't think he's referring to whatever it is that you think he's referring to, TUM.

In "Joshua Bell as street musician."

both hilarious and depressing

In "Miami sex offenders living under bridge."

but where will the trolls live, fes? (won't someone please think of the trolls?!)

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