In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part N.I.N.E.: Now It Never Ends"

Some of my neighbors are morons, but unfortunately lack any newsworthy talents.

Your offer's understood.

Never encourage covert enquiries. Simians should always reply, "Yes".

Yet each lungful promotes suffocation.

Loquaciousness amplifies nebulously gentrified utterances. Abbreviate garrulous English.

Shaded under cabbages, caterpillars eat every dainty shoot.

Some people elope, 'cause it's a laugh!

Some oriental men; near a manger; baby upstaging lambs; and now Christmas ensues.

Every Xmas people enjoy rustic incantations, encouraging newborn Christ's entrance.

You're eating seasonal treats. Everyone remembers Diwali and Yuletide.

Here a raw dairy enthusiast reclines.

In "Why Life Does Not Really Exist."

Instead of "Life" just say "Machine programmed with nucleic acid". That covers it all. And it does exist - there's some sitting at this keyboard ;-) That solves it, and would have made a much shorter article.

In "M.O.N.K.E.Y. Part N.I.N.E.: Now It Never Ends"

Star Trek reuses a tactical element: "Give it everything Scotty"!

Religious enthusiasts in Nepal claim a reincarnation's normal. A timelord is obviously Nepalese.

Since Pertwee's opening I've loved every reincarnation.

Encouraging news, Toronto: Harper understands secrecy is a scandalous thing.

Disgrace is soon grounding Rob, a crack enthusiast.

Snowden understood computer copying. Infamy now captures the naive elusive Soviet spy.

Each log effortlessly goes and now constipation ends.

Nevada's ephemeral rainfall's very often used selfishly, not eschewing saturated sod.

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