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I wonder if the filmmakers involved with this are going to ask Youtube to pull the video. I know I would.

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I've moved up in the progressive blog food chain. I have been named best local political blogger in Tampa Crative Loafing. I have been getting linked by the Panagon bloggers, Shakeville and other sites. Blogging takes up my internet time.

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Also the article made me not want to say or think "the 'b' word" anymore for the rest of the day. What the hell is that about?

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And she's giving this asshole attention, why exactly? Delete the comment and ban the IP. I had similar feelings. Shakes and I had a discussion about it in the comments. She sees it as part of a bigger problem. I understand her logic. I am a little tired of people like the Westboro Baptist Church getting a soapbox to stand on. I support their rights of free speech. I don't feel I have to give them a microphone to say soldiers deserve to die.

That's rather harsh.

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Isn't the whole point of Monkeyfilter to be chatty.

That makes it chatty and a lame CG post, IMO. But that's just my opinion, and I'm only <*counts fingers*> one man. No, you're the Rocket Man.

He seemed pretty good with Queens of the Stone Age a few years back I like Lanegan. It's seems he's wrong with the Twilight Singers. He seems like he rather be someplace else.


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Six, the law has been on the book 201 til the recent court decision. USA Today article has background. The scary thing is there are Freepers in this day and age who want to enforce it. If conservatives had Republicans push this (wish I don't see happening) then Democrats will win elections. Easily. John Kerry would have to decide whether he's for or against cohabitation. HE'S BOTH!

Wow that is some compassionate conservatism.

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Dulli kept complaining about the lack of energy or enthusiasm; it got pretty old, tbh. That's classic Dulli. greg dulli hit on me online once... Do tell.

I plan to see the Twilight Singers in Atlanta. Gentlemen rules. The Whigs live was a site to behold.

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Pete, do you think Congress is going to retain attention after the election cycle? I don't. I mostly stayed out of the immigration debate. I don't have much to add. I just find it hysterical that the Senate uses illegals for their cleaning service. Frist and Feinstein could start by saying no illegal immigrant will work in the Senate chambers. If they were really serious. Personally, I don't think the federal government has any interest in funding enforcement. This is also where the pro-business and wingnut factions of the Republican Party will clash. This hurts them. What happened to the GOP courting the Hispanic vote? That was one of the few things Bush actually understood.

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What? Nobody has a fantasy of a three-way with Stone and Katherine Harris?

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The Sisters post a response on their blog.

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Holiday in Connecticut? Dead Kennedys reference. MP3 file

I didn't have time to listen to the audio. Now that I have, he doesn't sound angry. He's sounds senile. On the audio, he mentions his National Journal rating. He doesn't mention that he's rated the 8th most conservative Senate Democrat. Joe denies always backing Bush. Can he explain his port deal while Republicans were jumping for the lifeboats. For the record: there was racism involved in people's feelings in the port deal. I don't think Rumsfeld and Snow should have rubber-stamped the deal without the waiting period. Rumsfeld's magic touch continues to work wonders. Historians are going to have a field day figuring out why Bush kept him on.

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No he's not (NSFW) Pete, MoFi has another thread for personal photos.

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"Uh, does he know what happens to Supernovas?" She knows something about supernovas.

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