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Erm, corpus of work.

Can't we just design a genetic representation of the story, evaluating the results with a Bayesian classifier previously trained on a corpus work with desirable attributes, and then just hill-climb our way to epic victory? Gosh, I hope not.

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Picks or it didn't happen!

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> Who are you people and what are you doing in my laptop? Oh, we're just straightening up a bit in case company comes over.

Dearest Monkeys Filter (that is, I suppose, like passers-by or courts martial or attorneys general): I remain, steadfast and unwavering, your friend. Seriously -- you, reading this right now. You personally. When you post, please know that I read, and that I am grateful. Even if you just read the site, as I often do, you're absolutely contributing, and should continue to consider me your devoted compatriot. So yes -- I'm out here. I'm grateful and delighted. There's no equal to MonkeyFilter, or your contributions to it. The whole thing is just completely posh and lovely, and you're the reason why. Seriously. Sincerely yours,

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Strongly concur; there's a big section in The Code Book about the Navajo Code Talkers. The thing is chock-full of history and intrigue -- just about the opposite of every other book I've seen on codes and ciphers. Wicked good fun.

Much more deliciousness, while I'm at it.


> Steely Duran is clearly my new favorite person... Yay! > I have to start requesting more things. Fun little diversions like this one fill me with a deep and abiding happiness. A few months back, I brute-forced the solution to a puzzle by Will Shortz -- not to submit the solution, just for my own fun. Todd, the friend of mine who introduced me to the puzzle, casually said on the phone, "Gee, I wonder if it's maxim/axiom." When I'd finished and got my result -- just the one line when I'd used the smaller of the dictionary files on my system -- I called him back immediately and asked him, "Dude, how on Earth do you do that?" He's just, y'know, a mutant. A linguistic supercomputer in a convenient bipedal carrying case. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

Bernockle: Here is my brute force solution. There are 224 in the list; mirror entries are ignored. I am amused by (cheryl, purely), intrigued by (pyrex, clerk), and delighted by (nowhere, abjurer). Enjoy!

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Terrifyingly, there's also one in my pocket.

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Stellar! Creative and fun with a touch of sweetness and magic.

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Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy! No, seriously.

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Let the Turing Tests begin! The Turing Olympics, if you will. And you will. The robots DEMAND it.

Meanwhile, any excuse to bring out the lurkers is AWESOME. Here, put this track on in the background, and let's party!

Oh wait, we don't count deleted accounts. You're looking for Robot #11569.

User #11111 is 11111% bleakness. dng had it right.

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(Whoops! I meant: "Media" "Clips")

Don't miss Charles Nelson Reilly's account of the experience, interspersed with some vintage footage. (Because that site's 100% flash, you must go to "Media" to find "The Circus". It's worth it.)

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