heheh, the old 'it's my brother/sister/room-mate/somebody on my network' line. Yeah, sure. I don't have access to the IP logs of this site. I guessed you were rotate by the style of your posts. It was just a guess, & I wasn't even sure of it until just now, when you made the excuse about having the same computer. You wouldn't have said that had you not had the same originating IP address, why would you? Just deny it. Unless you think someone can look at the logs. oops! It is very unlikely given your writing style that you are not rotate. Seeing the defensive comment, I'm now certain you are. It's doesn't matter, anyway, who cares if you change your nickname? People do it all the time. What's the problem? Has rotate put her foot in it? It's not an 'intellectual pretension' to make a post from more than one (poor) source, it's standard on community blogs that you put a little bit of effort into a submission rather than just lift something off the standard feeds. Unless you want to get flamed. If you think what I said is bad, try this shit on Metafilter. It's kind of a courtesy to the other members of the site. This is basic internet 101 stuff. You could at the very least do a quick search for other links to the subject, in this instance you could have done a quick google news search for other stories about this resort, or posted its entry from Wikipedia (which is still weaksauce, but it's at least a sign of effort) as part of the extended. Some links here are by nature single link YouTube posts or something, but they're usually quirky or unusual. Daily Mail is not. You might as well post stories from CNN. Maybe MoFi will put up with it, they're starved for posts laterly. Difficult to say. What's the problem with intellectuals? Is that a 'tell'? Have you got a chip? Spill it. More interesting than this submission, anyway.

In "Magic Lanterns"

now THIS is how you do a quality post. Many thanks.


Also, the CAPS. Lose them.

Wasn't that deleted? It at least had humor value and wasn't from a damn tabloid that millions of people can read off google news. It was an unusual quirky link. This is just shit. And why can't rotateblacksheep post this onto their previous post on a similar story, again from the daily fail? Seriously, if you dont' have anything good to post, blacksheep, don't post. Look at the other submissions on here that get lots of comments and try to figure out what it is about them that is good, then emulate it. Posting shit from the fucking tabloids just doesn't cut it.

Since when is posting a single link to an article from the Daily Mail a quality post? We can all read the tabloids. Work harder on your submissions.

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Crop circles being made.

In "Anonymous George: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Naltrexone"

Why would you be concerned over someone in your family finding out about it? Just don't tell anyone. Problem solved. The fact that you posted this suggests that you have some reason for thinking that they will. This could be because you are a minor, but if so, you are so ill that you must be born in Chernobyl. So the other likelihood is that you are in a custody battle or some other kind of legal entanglement. Maybe a family member or spouse could use subpoena to gain your records and allege some kind of mental incompetence, put you in hospital or so on. Just speculation. The other thing is how does a doctor determine you have these different illnesses? Chronic fatigue should be indistinguishable from the fatigue associated with arthritis. Spondilitis is an arthritic disease with associated rhreumatoid characteristics, it doesn't only happen in your spine though that is the classic definition. How does the specialist tell that the two conditions are separate? How do you know that your fatigue is not associated with the arthritic inflamation? They go hand in hand. I know someone with a similar condition who has this kind of fatigue. Seems like an unusual lot of illnesses you have. My spouse is a GP & frowned over my shoulder saying it seemed to be excessive, but then there are such unfortunates. This sounds also like your doctor is willing to commit fraud. I would be questioning the competence of a doctor who thinks this way, but then maybe that is too your benefit. I would be nervous under such a persons care. Also, there is no statute of limitations on fraud under some instances, you can have done something in, oh, say 1980s & that can come back to bite you, if a legal agency finds out, or if a particular legal angle is sought by prosecutor(s) or if you are sought as witness if the doctor is charged? You better be sure you haven't done a single other thing wrong at other times, because under legal scrutiny they will pore over all your bank records and audit you to check money flow, very unpleasant.


This is shit.

In "An armada of rubber duckies is heading for Britain."

I love red beavers. ;)

In "Hijacking Catastrophy - A history of the neocons in the US"

I know the Prez can only serve two terms. And I'm not even an American. That's why I make the comment about the Freepers' intelligence. There is a person out there who thinks saying "I'm not going to vote for him again" is a pertinent comment in this context. This is magnificently stupid, and I sometimes think that stupid people shouldn't vote. But in the US, that would probably mean no one would.

"At some point, they're going to start with the alibi "Our policies didn't fail; Bush was just incompetent..." A seemingly prophetic statement from Wendell. Because now the Freepers are demanding impeachment (over the immigration issue, of course, because I think even they would balk at bitching about the prosecution of a war for which they were head cheerleaders). Apparently they are not gonna vote Dubya in for a third term, either, they're so angry. The problem with these people appears to be a particularly virulent and intense form of stupidity.

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Not real.

In "News 14 Carolina gets pwnt"

This is.. 2 years old..

In "Stephen Colbert sticks it to Bush - to his face."

'give the President some credit for allowing Colbert to be there and perform in the first place.' The White House Correspondents Association picks the speaker.

In "Musicfilter: The follow-up"

You just don't understand the genius that is Queensryche.

In "The 10 Commandments of the Ethical Atheist"

Ontological theme, sensed emergent.

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