In "How To Make a Real-Looking Ghost"

I have lame skills, but I fully intend to make a ghost next October. I have the chicken wire already for circling the vegetable garden that never happened... Now, the question is, how will I remember this next October? Ah, the abeyance file.

In "Plastic patch in the Pacific now twice the size of the US."

And this photo, of an albatross carcass full of trash, is just awful. I would love to see what this planet would like without homo sapiens. Sometimes I wish we'd all just die off. And quickly. (Sorry, it's just so overwhelming sometimes, and seems so hard to get billions of people to change, and...)

In "Photos from Endeavour"

Canadarm! Woot!

In "Carve that critter! "

Dogs... Mange in Dogs Is allied to the itch in man, and requires the same treatment. Wash with soft soap, and apply sulphur ointment. Worms in Dogs Are a frequent cause of fits, and when they get into the nostrils, windpipe, etc., generally cause death. For those in the bowels, Youatt recommends powdered glass made up into a roll with butter or lard. Cowhage (cow-itch, mucuna) is probably quite as effectual, and is safer. A teaspoonful may be given in lard, and repeated if necessary. Turpentine should not be given to dogs. Sportsman's Beef. Take a fine round of beef, 4 oz. of saltpetre, 3/4 of an oz. of allspice; rub it well on the beef, and let it stand 24 hours; then rub in as much common salt as will salt it. Lay it by 12 days, turning it every day; then put it into a pan, such as large pies are baked in, with 3 or 4 lbs. of beef-suet, some under, some over. Cover it with a thick crust, and bake it for 6 hours. It will keep for two months, and most excellent it is. ...and then on to insect control. I'm confused by the recipe. Is to to feed dogs, or is "sportsman's beef" a euphamism for... eating dogs? I shall Google.

In "What if Google had an attitude and wanted to waste your time?"

I'm old and grumpy: Miss Dewey's search results are hard to read against the background. Still, I browsed it.

In "This is Haywards Heath"

What Pallas Athena said. That made me smile all the way through.

In "Roses"

Mm... I can almost smell them... I want a scent-o-matic monitor!

In "An English Fox inexplicably enjoys a trampoline."

I am curious about the giant blow-up "golf ball" type thing in the video to the left of the trampoline. Glimpsed about 3/4 of the way through, before the fox goes back for more trampoline-frolicking.

In "Adultery?"

(Oh and the hard boiled detective novel developing in another thread also caused this!!) Which thread is that, she asked curiously.

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In "Canadian Election: Conservative victory?"

Crap. I don't really want to vote Liberal, but I'm afraid that a vote to the Greens or the NDP will mean a Conservative victory. I've often voted Liberal in the past. If it was going to be a clear victory for Martin, I'd vote Green or NDP on principle. But I'm afraid I can't be principled this time around. Just like most politicians. I wish I could vote my conscience and have it mean something.

In "TBS"

My thoughts are that this is one of my favourite Christmas movies. (Okay, I only have two.) I did like it better when it was a cute, little, fairly obscure movie. Now that it's played over and over and over and over, not so much. The same thing with my other choice, It's a Wonderful Life. Things get too exposed and too hyped and lose their magic. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

In "Play 20 Questions with an AI"

Okay, so maybe "bunny" wasn't the most difficult thing to stump it with, so it won, of course. It should have got it after question 13, "Does it hop?" but that silly 20Q needed 16 questions! I must ponder more things now.

In "The Secret of the Hidden Hummers."

I really enjoyed that; it certainly made me chuckle. Here in Victoria, BC (Canada) I see one or two Hummers around. They're completely, ridiculously inappropriate for our region. I see a lot more of these around lately.

In "Wiggliest Person ever!"

How do I save that video to my computer?

In "Combatting Caste"

Wow. It seems a hopelessly huge task to bring about a change in a system so old and so entrenched. Grotesquely unfair.

In "when the frost is on the pumpkin!"

I awoke today and found The frost perched on the town It hovered in a frozen sky Then it gobbled summer down When the sun turns traitor cold And shivering trees are standing in a naked row I get the urge for going But I never seem to go --Joni Mitchell

In "Curious George: Calming Corporate IT"

An IT department that has not heard of Mozilla? I'm stumped.

In "CBC lockout shows"

The ONLY good thing about this mess is that I have no longer had to endure the inanity of PROMO GIRL. I hate PROMO GIRL with the fiery passion of a million oil wells burning in hell. I miss CBC radio, though even pre-lockout ::cranky old lady voice:: it's just not what it used to be...

In "PDA sucks? pocket calendar completely floofed? Little black notebook in tatters? Go ultra-lo-tek with a pocketmod:"

Heh. I think it's neat. Took me two tries to fold neatly. I like it a lot.

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