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I will miss Squidranch. His was one of the voices I enjoyed hearing, in the good old days. The sleep apnea thread A Squid's Revenge Squiddy's self-introduction from one of the "introduce yourself" threads Farewell, sir.

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Breaking news: The panda who started this thread, Tai Shan, now has a new baby sibling.

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Ha. Good luck finding a hooker. Most, like everyone, won't want to spend their last day working-- and the few that are will be selecting their own clients and setting their own rates. You might have better luck with the blow, though. I was a Cold War kid in Washington DC, and in school we regularly contemplated the question of what we'd do if we knew the Big One was on its way. Later on I, like many, would ask this question of people I was trying, with varying degrees of no success whatsoever, to seduce. Then I realised what a bullshit, clichéd line that was and stopped it. That was the end of my worries about the atomic bomb.

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I have met a hairless one, and yes it is true. Her name is Tilly, and she is the pet of a chap who (ironically) runs a hair salon across from where I used to live.

I really like this. Maddie is a talented dog! mothy: YAY PUPPY! Can't wait to meet the little guy.

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I still check the site now and then, since this site was my cyberhome for years. I basically spent 2011 doing some new things that I don't really do, just to see if I could. The answer is "yes, but they drive me crazy." And in the interim I'd been undervaluing the things that I really do, and have, and am. So this year is going to be about focusing on those. More singing; less annoyance. On the plus side, I moved house and got 2 cats. Pictures, OMG. I send the very best thoughts to all my fellow monkeys. It was a joy to work with mothninja on a theatre project this year. BlueHorse, I wish you luck with your new horse and many happy trails. kamus, I haven't forgotten how lovely it was to meet you a couple of years ago. I'm excited for your new direction; I love the way Bulgarian music plays with dissonance, and I think it will suit your style really well. May 2012 be generous and merciful to all of us.

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I think the potential concern is that the stuff in those barrels includes things like clothing, equipment and generalised trash from back when regulations weren't so stringent. So there's a whole bunch of still-radioactive stuff in there which, in a worst-case scenario where the fire's heat ruptures the metal drums, would burn. In that scenario, you'd get smoke and ash full of radioactive particles that the wind could then disperse. Probably not going to happen. But still.

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Time and Entropy whomped "did someone say membership?" Late again with the nostalgic tears.

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Rest in peace, Mrs Jones. Our world sadly moves a little to Nayward.

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I'm so sorry about your daughter, Dan. Hope you and yours are OK.

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Knut the polar bear dies, aged four Poor little guy.

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Neddy et alia: Sorry to be rubbish, but I'm kind of seriously tired after a longish day and yesterday's blood donation. I think I might be going to keel over for the evening. I'm really sorry but hope the evening is a good one for all.

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I love Shaun Tan so much.

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Bored now.

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I fancy a meetup and would love to see you monkeys Thursday or Friday (Thursday would be slightly better for me.) I know mothy loves Garlic and Shots on Frith Street in Soho; so maybe we could go there?

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They would do a better job of spelling "obviously" than me. Goddamn monkeys.

Awesome. This is obvioiusly the species we need to put 200 of in a room so they can type "Hamlet".

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Dalek cookies!

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Happy New Year! Every year is the Year of the Monkey.

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BlueHorse: Thank you! Merry Christmas! Bluehorse: Thank you! Merry Christmas! Pleggers: Hope yours is seriously merry too.

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