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I don't frankly care whether they were bought dead for this purpose or whether they were killed. The end result is the same. Something died for teh stupid.

Like I should take orders from voices on the internet. I guess I'll go turn off my adblock filters to.

No. Its bullshit. I saw the frozen rats he bought at the store on the first page. Seen enough. Waste your own time watching them get disembowelled.

Hey, pudquick, I'm not gonna go through a whole stupid article about making stupid toys about dead rats. Its a dumb thing to do and I have better things to waste my time on. This encourages thinking life is something that you can do whatever the hell you feel like with. The rat WAS killed to do this, just not by the guy in the article. Its not like he found a dead rat in his attic that died of natural causes. Does it matter? Not a lot. Is it stupid and base? Yes.

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And your mother is a heavy water drinker!

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At least with the current state of science its sort of "us or them". And if the rat was dead already I wouldn't care. But I get the impression it was killed to do this... I could be wrong.

I know this is hypocritical, as I have owned a leather jacket once upon a time and occasionally eat meat, but considering how blatant this example is I should say it. I am really uncomfortable with the idea of killing an animal to make a stupid toy. And I know the rat was probably going to be fed to a snake otherwise, its still increasing the demand for pet rats.

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It sounds like McCain's solution is to let people starve. OKAY John! Good idea! That will prevent a war!

Capt. Renault: No, you're not the only one. NickDanger: (A) Its not important to me because we were all already in danger. N. Korea has proved it has the technology instead of MIGHT have the technology. Who knows who some post-Soviet republic has sold plutonium to on the black market. What about out of work Russian and Pakistani physicists? You are now and have always been targets and just weren't paying attention. Welcome to the post-nuclear world, we're all in it together, and the only thing protecting you is what will happen to any country responsible for detonating one on you. I suppose terrorists just hate the Godless Americans. They LOVE the Godless Japanese and S. Koreans and Chinese. (B) It really is not my problem, this problem belongs to China, Japan and S. Korea. We still have troops in Japan and S. Korea who shouldn't be there that my tax dollars are paying for. Step one, remove our forces and let S. Korea and Japan who complain bitterly about our involvement take care of it. (C) If I accept that it IS my problem, and I should care about people who should rightfully be looking after their own security, there is still nothing I can do about it. (D) My country is in no position to lecture anyone on non-proliferation, since it invented the damn things in the first place, has better one and more of them than just about anyone else. NOW, knowing for years that NK was reprocessing plutonium, NOW its a crisis? And furthermore we intend to lecture the world about how no-one should have them except our allies?

Particularly the bitching about how we just don't care about the "yellow slant-eyes" which is hyperbolic, bullshit and wrong. I happen to like Japan a hell of a lot more right now than I like the United States. But then thats because I probably don't live there and I get to see all the things they do a lot better than us. Like sticking solar-panels on their roofs and maintaining a military strictly for self-defense instead of overseas wars of aggression.

they, as in N. Korea. I'm sorry that you don't like detente, but what do you suggest instead of bitching, NickDanger?

You know what, as the police force for the rest of the fucking world, its about time Japan and South Korea started handling their own security. Do I not care? No. Is there anything I can do about it? No. My leaders won't listen. They won't disarm their nukes. Now its China's problem. But I'm also not going to drop everything I'm doing and go AAAAAH! Nuclear North Korea. Thats how we get into messes like Iraq. If N. Korea drops bombs on Seoul or Japan, they will CEASE TO EXIST. What more can be said?

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Thats brilliant! Those 16 year old boys were asking to be harassed!

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What do you think? Seriously. What do you think happens? Is it the end of the world? Or is it just the end of the economic stilts propping up the United States. We've got a couple tons of plutonium thats just "gone missing". I'm expecting a city to vaporise any day now. For all I know, there are several rogue states that have bombs that we don't know about. Why is THIS one a big deal?

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What gets louder as it gets smaller? A baby in a trash compactor. What's worse than finding 7 dead babies in 1 trash can? Finding 1 dead baby in 7 trash cans. Ba doom shing!

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I really don't understand why I should be (more) scared. Its not like the Soviet Union dissolved and its arsenal became "less than accounted for" or anything. These bombs are destined for Seoul and Japan.

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Woot! Go petebest! Can we have your blessing?

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I think we just starve. Thats usually how it works.

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Before I formed Hitler in the womb, I knew him. -Jeremiah 1:5

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