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For the past two weeks anyhow, that'd be my penis. Hang in there, buddy.

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True, but I think people underestimate the importance of paying attention -- witness all manner of distracting gadgets, drive-thru fast food, etc. -- while speed is given all the blame. Physics dictates that speed makes the consequences of losing attention more severe, but it's generally not what causes the accident in and of itself. I'd say safety is 70-80% attention, 20-30% speed. But, again, "attention" is impossible to enforce. Of course, staying home is the "safest choice", but that's no fun.

Yep, K = mv2/2 And driving 90mph on an empty 4 lane interstate is safer than going the speed limit in a residential neighborhood while talking on the phone, drinkin a coke, adjusting the stereo (which also blocks out any external sound), and fighting with the kids in the back seat. Carrying kinetic energy is fine if you don't hit anything. There's a time and a place. Another example I noticed while driving in Denmark a while back: there are very few stop signs. At 4-way intersections, they rarely have stop signs, they have YIELD signs. Because it's stupid to come to a complete stop if there's nobody else around. In the 'States, of course, it's "unsafe" to roll through an empty intersection, and you get a ticket. Stupid. Personally, I haven't gotten a traffic ticket for... 7 years? But the laws are commonly used by municipalities to raise revenue. Virginia isn't shy about this: According to legislative information associated with the new fees, the purpose of civil remedial fees is to "generate revenue from drivers whose proven dangerous driving behavior places significant financial burdens on the state." (more) PAY ATTENTION! Maintain situational awareness. If you're using your reflexes, you've already screwed up. Don't get surprised; don't surprise other drivers. I would much, much rather you pay attention and drive 10mph too fast on the interstate than go the speed limit, oblivious to everything around you.

TUM: (Assuming your question was directed towards me...) I reject that what the law defines as "reckless driving" is necessarily reckless or even dangerous. Paying attention is the most important thing you can do on the road. Unfortunately, nobody's invented an attention-o-meter, but they HAVE invented radar guns for measuring speed. The law reflects this.

It makes sense if you presume that traffic tickets are more about levying fines and generating probable cause (to question you and search your vehicle) than they are about public safety. Which they are.

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Boogie in your butt

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I want to have sex on that pile o' cash.

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July 10, 2007 Dear Mr. Chief Zoologist Guy: EEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEK!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! EE EEE OOO OOO OO EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! OOO ooooo... oo Regards, Lord Sludge

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::leans back, looks disinterested::

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Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuh!!!!

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A-Huhuh, he said "taint". "Moral coward"? Yeah, agreed. But maybe he can yet save his soul.

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Huh. All the girls in the vids had to do was walk up to any not-obviously-attached-with-mate-in-tow guy and ask for a drink. If you're a guy, be a regular somewhere, tip very well, and don't be a jerk. For a while there, it was cheaper for me to drink at a bar than buy beer at a supermarket. Still, these will be fun bar tricks to try out. Speaking of which, it's Fri night, yay!

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Dammit, mct, you're not supposed to know about the "middle". That's MY move!

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PENIS ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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u want to chat sumtime?? Can people fill your page with negative comments? You can restrict comments to only those that you approve.

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OMG, your all idoits!! Learn to right!1!!

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Sure, man, that's cool. (Lara: Txt me, wink wink)

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Whoa, damn, I'm totally eight years old right now. I even stopped thinking about sex for a little bit.

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Well, Lara, you may be disappointed -- if the actual video turns you on, you have some issues. (And we should hang out.)

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Well, she's... waaaaaait a minute. That's a TRICK QUESTION, ISN'T IT!!?!

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