In "Climate Relicts: Seeking Clues On How Some Species Survive."

I kept reading that article and confusing "beeches" with "beaches" :)

In "Tom Mankiewicz has died."

He wrote "Live and Let Die," and "The Man With the Golden Gun," and "Diamonds Are Forever." All very good movies. Though with no disrespect to the deceased, he did also have a hand in "Moonraker"

In "Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case"

I think the fine should've been 192,168,100,1 dollars.

In "I Don't Even Know."

Please to be yor welcome. Make this love to game all ways. Happyness being to the end. All police cars smile in background while I run HAHAHA!

In "Popcorn Cats"

Great Googly Moogly!

In "The breeding properties of M&Ms"

I eet Eminems.

In "WTF Dad?!?!?!"

Nice. Her Husband AND her parents... Wow. If I were her I'd check to make sure one of those three yahoos hadn't recently taken out a Life Insurance policy on me.

In "The Beige Site."

The only thing worse than a UK-ian is a freakin' OLD UK-ian...


In "The Apple Tax"

Yeah... I worked as an ACPT (Apple Certified Portable Tech) for awhile, and this is common knowledge. Everything Apple puts out is much more expensive than a generic, and they do everything possible to prevent people from coming up with generic versions (even the stupid headphone jacks inputs). Even an "Apple" 80GB Toshiba Hard Drive is going to be so much more expensive than an regular 80 GB Toshiba HD. (the ONLY difference is one is missing the Apple logo), and in effect the Toshiba one is covered under its own 3 yr warranty, while a replacement one for your computer is only covered for as long as the warranty for the entire computer is covered, which could be far less than 3 years...

In "Windows update leads to web black-out"

I don't understand. I have ZoneAlarm, and am currently updating my system with the update and don't see wha

In "Iran Missiles Photoshopped?"

So now that we know they can only launch 3 missiles at a time, we safe, right? Right?! (They probably just wanted to get rid of that ugly white truck in the foreground... y'know swap it out with a Prius or something more economical.)

In "Digging a hole to China?"

Also southwest of Australia... (more west... like right near the Indian Ocean...

In "How much do you love your local public transportation?"

Like the pics and the nice family story... but I can only hope they don't end up like this kid

In "The Snooze to Destiny Thread."

besides... I'm more intrigued by the "BUSH RINGTONE DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR CELLPHONE!!!" ad at the bottom of the page. What the hell is a Bush ringtone?!

I hadn't seen that yet, and watch the Daily Show pretty regularly... Or I used to... In 2007.... Which was last year... Namely, NOT this year... or even recently... as in THIS year, it being June and all... not like it's January or anything... or 2007 anymore... It being 2008... or halfway to 2009 pretty much... :) (Koko summed it up nicely though...) I actually hadn't seen this report, and would not have even known that it was from 2007 unless someone pointed it out to me. This is satus quo for Boosh, and it should be noted that hijinks like this are so common in his presidency that it is perfectly understandable that one would get bogged down in fuckupoverlap.

In "The Tunguska Mystery 100 Years Later"

and has about the reliability of the Weekly World News What's wrong with the Weekly World News? It's my primary source along with that one angelfire page I go to and some dude on geocities.

In "email recall"


Now I'm hungry for donuts. Now I'm hungry for a BAG of donuts....

(o) (o)

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