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Heartbreaking. I hope it feels like the whole world is coming together to wrap Christchurch in supportive arms as you all recover from this!

gomichild, absolutely. As a mother it is quite easy to relate to that. I can only imagine the desperation and terror she must have felt. I'd move heaven and earth to reach my children in such situations. God-forbid I should ever have to experience that.

Sounds really bad. Already counting the fatalities. Having a rough time of it over there...

In "Curious George: Air Force One photo-flop?"

Yeah, this is a bit astounding in it's sheer idiocy. Truly.

In "Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again."

I was bitten by a brown recluse and practically LOST my leg - took six months for it to heal.....goddamn spiders. I hate them.

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Once I got the the remains in the magnet I could scroll no further. Ouch.

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A couple of goodies

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Oh my God - I ache to be there. Beautiful. Thanks for the post!

In "Time Magazine"

I would guess, based on those photos, that they 'got it on'. He is a good-looking it bad that I have impure thoughts about my president?

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So frustrating trying to watch the streaming video....I was one of how many million trying to watch it at work? A good day for all of us. I've particularly enjoyed watching the rest of the world's reaction.

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....on the acid note; whenever I've dropped I've seen everything in fractals. It's truly the most amazing thing. Thanks, homunculus, for your never-ending capacity to give good 'post'.

In "NASA Detects Mystery Booming Sound In Deep Space, Origin Unknown."

I over heard my son asking my daughter what that "loud sound" was (lived near a military base) and she said "God farted". I about collapsed with laughter. They were so little, so adorable, and wondrous to eavesdrop on.

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In "Our world may be a giant hologram."

So, where does deja vu fall in to this, I wonder.

I'm still struggling to wrap my head around this. I find myself re-thinking about, or questioning what/why I am seeing at any moment, differently. I just have so many questions about this.....

Wow, that just blows me away. It will take some time to absorb. I have all sorts of questions about this......

In "Curious George: Person Search"

So, any news? Updates? Hoping the best for you, smt!!!

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I want that stone house, badly...

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Do YOU have one in there - I didn't see one??

In "Mumbai under attack."

That picture of all the photographers lined up recording the whole thing is.....weird. While I appreciate access to information it makes me a bit uncomfortable to see throngs of media converge wherever something like this is happening. Recording death as it happens. Recording our reactions to it. Recording each other recording it. It is all so very weird to me.

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