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Assuming you could get the navigation right, and thread the ship right down the middle of the hole, wouldn't the air at the bottom of the shaft get very very hot? Gay-Lussac's Pressure-temperature law and so on?

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Seeeellllfpooost: my continuing coverage of the Pakistani elections

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The doorbell just rang. Oh shit.

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This was beautifully trailed on the Today programme this morning. I can't believe it's has not got a proper paper-based publisher yet. Top quote: "Describing the event with surprising humour, he wrote: "I started to cough and brought up some blood and a bit of the shell which must have stuck in my wind pipe. "My servant very kindly retrieved the bit of iron out of the mud and handing it to me, remarked that I might like to keep it. This I did and my wife has it now." The past sucked.

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Erm, I have a documentary on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow night - that's Thursday at 2030gmt, and repeated Sunday at 2130gmt - if anyone's interested. It's part of the Analysis strand, and you can get a podcast and stuff. Radio 4! Apparently the trailer I recorded is going out during Today, tomorrow, during which I might get a bit too squeeeee. ok, ok, it's just me.

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I did not fight the urge, and it's great. It totally sets up a whole world of plot for the fourth series, and it adds in interesting backstory for (madly) the end of the second series. The captured Six on the Pegasus, for example, and why Kane *really*really* hated her. Oh, and there's...well...Old Style Centurions... zmmmm-zm zmmmmm-zm zzzmmmmm-zm

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If you set server level redirects - "301 redirects" - then the search engines will rejig their indexes for you, and the problem will disappear. You'll keep pagerank too. I prefer to do this by changing the .htaccess file If you access for that, then you can do all manner of clever redirects. If not here's all sorts of ways of doing it.

In "The Age of Apoplexy."

I rerolled and got set to Chaotic Ironic. It's been a very confusing week, to be honest.

In "Flight of the Conchords, "

I saw this the other day on BBC4, pretty much by accident, and went from slightly-drunk-lolling-on-the-sofa to sitting up straight I-am-in-the-presence-of-genius in the first ten minutes. If it keeps up over the whole series, it will become legend.

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ooh! Good plug. They're part of the whole posse, which also brings Jesse Thorn's Sound of Young America, which is mighty fine listening most of the time.

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oooh! crumbs! Yeah, it's pretty horrible. But it was also very strange to see how much these guys cared for their birds. Right until they make them fight with blades strapped to their legs, for sure, but there was real care and attention, and a weird form of love. But then 30 seconds later you'd have one of them coughing up blood, dying on the sand. I've got some video too, that I'm editing today. I'll post a link. Meanwhile, here are the pictures from the little war I went to cover. And Nickdanger is referring to one of these.

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This thread is useless without pictures. The best shower head, you say? Proof! Pictures! Plans! Share!

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I have interviewed Sir Jame Dyson, walked around his workshop, touched the hem of his garment, and generally got a bit moist around his stuff. I, and the lady Mothninja, also have one of his sucky machines. It is supreme. Seriously, I grew up in a household consisting of a mother *obsessed with vacuuming*. She now has a Dyson. It's like the mountain coming to Mohammed and then beating him in an olympic scale drinking contest. Dyson rocks so hard, you'll be ashamed at the dirt the wonderous thing sucks up. it's a bit pornographic, frankly. They last forever, they're a wondrous thing to behold, and oh my god I'm going on about a fraking vacuum cleaner...

In "Anonymous George: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Naltrexone"

Well, I thought Kitfisto was *spectacular*. It's actually a slightly more complicated diagnosis than that. Milady mothninja had both CFS-like symptoms, and some very uncomfortable eczema. Thing was, none of the specialists dealing with each of these things looked at the two in concert, nor checked back far enough. Moth had only had the eczema since she was 14 or so, two years after the CFS symptoms started. The eczema started on her top lip, then spread outwards. I found research that showed that a staph A infection could look just like eczema - and more than that, there's *no*such*thing* as Adult-onset eczema. You have it from birth or near to it, or you have something else. Soooo...I figured that the skin thing was a Staph A infection. The nose thing is important because Staph A is cleared from the body by antibiotics everywhere but the nasal cavity. (This is why surgeons wear masks. Your sinuses harbour stuff even when you've been drugged to oblivion.) Staph A decolonisation, as it's called, involves lots of antibiotics, and also an specific anti-bacterial nose gel thing, called Bactroban. All the previous treatments had left out the Bactroban, so they had only worked for a while, before the staph climbed down out of the nose and reinfected everywhere. Anyway, treating this properly fixed the skin. But I also found a lot of research about allegeric reactions to a thing called Staph A Exotoxin. There are a few papers linking Staph A Exotoxin allergy to, amongst other things, fatigue, brain-fog, depression, and feeling generally shit. All good old fashioned CFS symptoms. So, the theory I came up with was that the Staph A in moth's sinuses were dripping exotoxin into her throat and onto her skin. The skin droplets were causing atopic dermititis, which looks like eczema, and the throat stuff was causing a huge allergic reaction, leading to an IgE count of 3500, and the symptoms of CFS. Turns out I was right. Now, this is a test group of one, but I think there must be quite a large group of people out there with specific infections to which they are secondarily *allergic* - not reacting in a viral way, but reacting to a secreted toxin, or an otherwise normal by product of the bacteria or parasite. I'm not saying that CFS isn't a genuine condition. But I think it's a hugely "everything else" type label, and doctors need to take all symptoms someone has, no matter how apparently genetic (like, say, eczema) they are.

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Showtimes on the BBC - UK and international - for my latest documentary.

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I'm proud to be able to call him a colleague. The mood in the newsroom will be so much happier this morning.

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Sorry, but I'm quite chuffed to be able to link to this

Indeed. Terribly insensitive of me. I shall endevour to shoutout to the crib live on the BBC. How about that, old Tool'o'the Middle Classes?

My first bit of live-reporting for BBC World. This morning. I'm a bit tired now.

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Is Oil tasty? Depends, I guess. Still, I did have some whale meat the other month. From a buffet in Norway. It was quite tasty, actually.

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