In "Free Tibet, Not."

That is, he mentions at the end he'd prefer a female inheritor. Isn't that right?

In "The bizarre history and fiery end of Berlin’s iconic abandoned amusement park "

I love the looks of the old carnival, past it's time even...

In "Faster and stronger NASA movement. "

I should have mentioned the trips to Mars will be much, much shorter.

In "H.R. Ginger falls away "

I'm still sick from time to time...

In "Truppe Fledermaus & The Carnival at the End of the World. "

Nice art.

In "Meet Pando."

So like moss, but even better, like aspen.

In "High CO2 levels during the Eocene put Antarctic temperatures into a place of warmth "

Social outlook might help to save the climate?

In "New Kids III: Electric Boogaloo"

No absolute resuscitation can involve seeing some incessantly somnolent MetaFilter.

In "MetaFilter's Downfall. "

If a general Google search doesn't come back with metafilter sources much anymore, one need only search on Google for something or other to find the same metafilter samples on Google as before. Accordingly our method of searching (for examples) works for them too...

In "Nice Ass!"

The goat rules, finally.

In "Teaching Crows to do Useful Stuff"

Birds contribute something too...

In "Testing on niche"

Wasn't that his? I recall an even more elaborate one that may have been his...

Oneswellfoop had a design plan with drawn header for a monkeyfilter icon...

Guessing works.

Does dis work?

In "Click here to see the story and photo."

Backgrounds used to have alternative color choices at MoFi, if I recall correctly. Or was that not so?

In "Testing on niche"

Oh. On a PC it's on the side, what was underneath.

What is it to Use Markdown? What is that? And I don't see a side bar on an iPad at least. What would that be?

In "Remove the CD47 Don't Eat Me coating off cancer cells "

Hey, measles works as well on killing cancer in mice, and now a person

In "H.R. Ginger falls away "

Giger is correctly spelled...

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