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Ten things:
1. I'm owned by a cat with a foot fetish. He adores sleeping on feet, or being petted by them, and he insists that his own feet be massaged regularly.
2. I have a fascination with public silliness, and have been known to buy Jell-O anonymously for strangers in restaurants, or do slow-motion aerobics to the Muzak in 24-hour grocery stores in the middle of the night. Usually followed by a hasty exit before anyone can call Emergency Psychiatric Services.
3. I do volunteer work every year for the biggest science fiction convention in the Silicon Valley, BayCon.
4. There's a running joke that I'm responsible for Perky Goths. Before Goths were Goths, they were Deathrockers, and no one was ever allowed to do anything other than mope when in public. I got fed up with it and would show up and be cheerful and friendly.
5. I've never lived in one place for more than five years, and usually significantly less.
6. I suffer from Spoonerisms. They pop out randomly when I speak. Most recently, I announced to my roommate that, "I cook your tookies out of the oven for you."
7. I've always been an avid reader, well in advance of my age. I was reading Roots and Shogun around the third grade.
8. Most of my life before about the age of fourteen is a blank. If I mention something from my childhood, it's usually because family members have told me stories about myself, and that is what I remember rather than the actual events.
9. In the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school, I spent a month in Greece. I fell madly in love with the country, and have yearned to go back there, perhaps to live, ever since.
10. I have great difficulty sleeping. I have seven sleep disorders, and when they act up at the same time, I don't sleep at all. The longest period of time that I was unable to sleep was 243 hours (ten days.)
And on top of all of that, I seem to have developed two quite definite MoFi crushes since I got here. Ya'll need to stop being so intelligent and interesting, dammit!

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