In "The Cat's Eye"

I really like the first large pic.

In "The Light and the Land"

Lovely secrets.

In "Alex Bernasconi's photography. "

That's a fine post. I'm sure the gorillas, chimps and friends feel at home here.

In "Ricky Gervais: Extras. Coming soon to HBO."

I hope it gets to OZ shores soon.

In "The World Challenge"

Thanks livii. This is one of the best posts I have come across since being a "filter" member. Good luck to all competitors.

In "Do These 10 Hollywood Movies Get It Right in Their Portrayal of Women ??"

Good post for discussion....Fight Club must pull it out again, it's got me curious.

In "New York City Walk."

Great links, great photos thanks

In "Piersh Broshnan makesh it offishial."

Ewan McGregor gets my vote.


I like the disclaimer....the kitty ....poor fing.

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The photos of Sydney look so different to what I'm used, putting aside that they were taken in the 1900's .... nice photos & history lesson : )

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