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it doesn't work with wtf?

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There are three (main) types of film processing, traditional silver-halide black and white (negative), C-41 (color negative), and E6 (color slide) types of processing. APS film, as far as I know, is always C-41. You cannot process C-41 (color process) film in most darkrooms. When I hear darkroom I think black and white silver halide films. As far as I know none of these traditional B&W films are sold for APS so your camera might be incompatible with the darkoom. What kind of dark room do you have access to? APS is a really terrible format (soo small). If you're already willing to spend a bunch of money on film (and APS film is $$) I'd recommend either sinking some of that money into an old SLR or all of it into a digital (if you want something small and compact). I'd recommend getting a vintage SLR and learning how to use it. Maybe a canon AE-1 or a Pentax Super-program with a 50mm f2 lens or something. A flash too if you want it. You can get good kits cheaply on ebay. It'll take a few hours to figure it out but after that you'll take much better pictures. As far as film goes, I'd shoot a bunch of Ilford XP2 (C-41 black and white), and send it off to to process and scan. For something like $8 I believe. Printing is fun, but it takes ages to process and print your own film. And the paper is hardly cheap either.

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I like Reno 911

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Choosing clothes in high school / middle school requires a very complex equation with many many inputs. Probably why so many of us look back on those times and wonder the whole class looked so dorky.

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Why is everyone dying lately? Bellow Hedburg, Shiavo The Pope

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These appear to cost money. As far as being open source is concerned, it's kind of impossible to build a closed source website unless you do HTML obfuscation; which would limit customizability and render the sites near useless to customers.

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Nope, IMDB's worked fine for me for years. Have you tried reinstalling?

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(this is cool). Thanks polychrome!

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At least he didn't pee on it

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This is awesome!

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well done quidnunc!

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Hmmmm, i'm under 21, but I'd love to meet you guys. If someone could give me a call for any post/pre-bar monkey activities I'd be much obliged. I'd rather not post my phone # here, but just AIM me: purinapremium if that's possible.

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In the words of the onion: What are we doing on Valentines Day? Cry, Cry, Masturbate, Cry

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Do I detect an LA monkey? oh and great link.

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oh lionel

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Hotsy Totsy

Goddamn my haste and lack of grammar. /me collapses in shame.

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<Otto> that was totally false advertising man</Otto> (I was expecting a different plant with buds)

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