In "Rocky Horror Picture Show remake imminent."

Loran Basra Evan as Frank N. Furter

In "More Evidence for a Revolutionary Theory of Water"

Does this bring back the Ice-9 possiblity ?

In "What makes us moral."

Good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things. But ~ to get good people to do bad things - for that - you need religion.

In "We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy."

Irish Physics ~

In "Cronenberg on Warhol."

Just the right kind of weird and knew exactly what he was doing.

In "The 2006 Tour de France starts tomorrow..."

I don't believe in Peter Pan ! Mickey Mouse or Superman ! Operacion Peurto ! Dope me up baby ! Dope me right ! Yeah tonight

In "Evolution of the eye."

What about fjords ?! Do you have any idea how much effort when into fjords !?

In "The New Shadow:"

What not " The Phantom Menace " ?

In "Screech from Saved By the Bell needs your money to save his home from foreclosure."

Put foam on an orphan.

In "Tales by H. Beam Piper"

" Little Fuzzy ", where the ewoks were ripped off from.

In "Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors"

We were all that monkey

In "Dangling over sheer cliffs on rope ladders,"

sweet goo !

In "Hyperinflation "

This is what it's all about ; the main event on your fight card.

In "Texas Man Saves Pal During Raid By Chimp"

Ninjas and Pirates are no good here

In "Thought Experiments"

This has always bothered me as " reprgramming the simulation " is something " Capt. Renault " could never, ever do, not on his own. However, he might have been able to get his friend at the academy to do it for him or show him how. That's Capt. Renault. " I got my really smart friend to show me how to beat the simulator " and probably told him he wouldn't really do it, just asked him if it could be done. The Academy, also, would not give a commendaton for ' original thinking ' or anything like that ever. You'd get ' demerit for original thinking ' or you might get a demerit for interfering with a test, but then get a commendation for ' teamwork ' or something.

In "Shot For Having PTSD"

Hey look on the bright side ~ no WW I, no LOTR.

What we're now calling " PTDS " was thought to be contagious so you had to shoot them. Not all that dissimilar was people thinking homosexuality was contagious too. Have we really come that far ?

In "Gunshot suicide in a police interrogation room"

They released the video so they wouldn't be accused of killing him in custody.

In "Etymologic"

I think they make half this shit up.

In "In Search of the Real Dracula"

Remember when the current Dracula was looking to adopt an heir ? I send them a letter and a photo. They sent me a nice letter back, but they're looking for someone who looks more like the current guy ( who is the spitting image of the original Dracula ). Oh well.

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