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It has been so long, and all these other sites require my constant care and attention! I feel so guilty.

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I do agree with RtD. I had a profile in Facebook, and some racist thugs were using it - or the blog - to get information on friends, etc. Of course, I "deactivated" it, but the info is there. And the attackers already know where I live. Bummer.

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Ugliest thing ever was "sopa de pajarilla", a dark soup made from some sort of offal, disgusting, vile, foul smelling, impossibly textured and supposedly healthy. It was impossible to eat anything else once that thing was served at the table.

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Well, I love Colombia, but it is true, It is a violent country. A gorgeous, beautiful, incredibly rich and diverse country, where all the urban legends are true. I think it was best said by Garcia Marquez when he received the Noble prize,and said in his speech: "I dare to think that it is this outsized reality, and not just its literary expression, that has deserved the attention of the Swedish Academy of Letters. A reality not of paper, but one that lives within us and determines each instant of our countless daily deaths, and that nourishes a source of insatiable creativity, full of sorrow and beauty, of which this roving and nostalgic Colombian is but one cipher more, singled out by fortune."

Well, you know, these clowns were killed in one of the more violent regions of the most violent country in the Western Hemisphere. Their deaths are sad and absurd, and that absurdity makes us chuckle - until we start reading about the violence that pervades the country, the lack of respect for life, the complete insanity that is the country. Andres and Rony (who, by the way, was only 18 years old) are a couple victims more of the violence, pain and disregard for life that racks the country.

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Funny. Went to the ClamWin and couldn't find anything about it, yet of course the Oracle of Google has a lot of results for it. Have you tried the Cleaner? It is free for 30 days, so you can actually do some cleaning. Links cleaner: clamwin:

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I am doing the Karnazes thing one step at a time: right now it is drinking vodka at four am and flirting with pretty women. I figure I'll start running in about three more months, or when their husbands show up (whatever comes first).

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InsolentChimp, did you see Jenny A.? Is she still wearing that green thingy? Oh, and your hand clock is showing.

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Give then ramen. I do remember as well the college ramen experience, or the life as an immigrant with nothing in the pocket. Ramen were amazing at two am, with everything that would fall in the cooking pot: meat, veggies, some tuna. Water.

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Delete! Oh, painful delete!

When Colombia beat Argentina 5-0 for the World Cup classifying rounds, there were 60 people killed in Colombia during the celebrations. Does that count?

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From Benedetti Para matar al hombre de la paz para golpear su frente limpia de pesadillas tuvieron que convertirse en pesadilla para vencer al hombre de la paz tuvieron que congregar todos los odios y ademas los aviones y los tanques para batir al hombre de la paz tuvieron que bombardearlo hacerlo llama porque el hombre de la paz era una fortaleza Remember, Allende?

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Eh; I live in Winston-Salem, and I am sure that any enterprising 19 year old can get in trouble very easily, religious family or not. Hell, I have seen a few of them do precisely that.

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Soylent green, people. And on a more realistic scenario, have you tasted Quorn?

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And you realize that John Negroponte (that of Death Squads fame) is the brother of Nicholas Negroponte. Oh, well, Canadians have health care, Lybians have computers, what do we have? A deficit?

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Skrik might be onto something here, with BlueHorse being equine and all. But I rather not be the bottom in that equation.

Accurate. Ohhh. The healer woman, the powerful man, all is there! So, I am going to get laid, but don't know if I am going to be top or bottom.

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He just said what we all know already - he is not into movies. He killed the mythos that was created in the original flaky SW1. As Smedleyman says, he, unable to cope with an universe that had gone beyond his control, took all the magic, the unexplainable, and made into a nice prepackaged mcdonalds, easy to sell but utter crap. And it will pickle your liver.

In "US Republican-Owned Govenment Allows Torture, Gets Rid of Habeas Corpus"

You Americans are funny. I know people that were imprisoned and tortured by agents trained by American advisors. Sadly, I also met some of these advisors. Basically, your congress is simply acknowledging that what has been daily routine for other countries is good for Americans. A sad day, I agree, and horrid repercussions in your liberties, in the way you appear to and look at the world, and in the progress that said liberties fostered. I do really hope that common Americans, the politicians (Not McCain, obviously) and your languishing fifth state wake up soon from their slumber, and end this nightmare. Meanwhile, might as well remember Niemoller.

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