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"You're either the sanest crazy person or the craziest sane person I've ever met."
Various facts you Monkey Dudes might find interesting:
Impersonated a bunch of primates--sometimes for a paying audience--including gorillas, spider monkeys, and the rarely-seen Japanese demon monkeys.
Studied all sorts of monkeys whilst getting a degree in anthropology.
Lived in Indonesia for six months in 1995.
So far in this life, have survived a riot, 4 car accidents, and being almost gored to death by a dying water buffalo (anthropologists always do their own stunts).
Currently not employed as an anthropologist.
Enjoy reading, writing, and both watching and making films when able. Also a halfway decent baker.
Likes bananas, but never eats them all before they get overripe and consequently bakes banana bread.
Would like to accomplish many things in this life and therefore hopes coining the term "fancake" doesn't eat into those 15 minutes.

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