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A librarian in a small little island. Like lurking on blog sites like Mefi, Meme and Mofi :)
Hope to be a librarian someday on another little island (the one next to France).

Update (as of 22/09/04): Am now on the other little island, and happily (as yet) attending Library School at Loughborough. Yay!
Update (as of 29/10/05): Back on the first little island, back in the library, but the business section. Quite a nice place. Aiming for yet another island. Tracicle's.*BIG GRIN*
Like Pratchett, Asimov, Tolkien. Games of all kinds. Animals (all sorts! Especially furry and scaly ones!).
Hopefully am not as vapid as I sound sometimes. Chronic foot-in-mouth disease sufferer.
PS: I got me a Gmail account! Thank you Monkeybashi (^_^)

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