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August 30, 2011

What kind of a brain? is designed to implode in the race for new ideas? Not the monkey brain so much. It's those hide-bound humans we have to watch... more inside
Climate Relicts: Seeking Clues On How Some Species Survive. "In pockets ranging from mountain peaks to bogs, scientists are discovering plants and animals that survived previous eras of climate change. Now, conservation biologists say, these climate 'relicts' could shed light on how some species may hang on in the coming centuries."

August 21, 2011

Orphans No More. "After the trauma of attack and loss comes healing—and a richer understanding of the emotions and intelligence of elephants."
A Public-Service Announcement (It's been a while since one of these...) If there is anyone reading this who has joined as a member but whose account is still set to "pending", let me know in a comment email me your username. A recent spate of spam accounts means I have probably missed authenticating some new members and I'd hate for you to miss out on the awesomeness that is posting and commenting on MoFi!

August 13, 2011

Chimps prove that human generosity is an ancient trait. "Is selfless behavior in humans a unique evolutionary development? For years, studies designed to test prosociality, or altruism, in chimpanzees have presented them as 'reluctant altruists' that are indifferent to the welfare of their fellow chimps. But now it seems that chimps care more for their fellow apes than we realized."
Retractions Of Scientific Studies Are Surging. And retractions related to fraud rose more than sevenfold between 2004 and 2009. Keep track with the Retraction Watch blog.

August 09, 2011

Sharpie art on styrofoam cups. The artist's website (from a note on one of the Sharpie cups).

August 06, 2011

Let's do the time warp again - it's just a carriage return...to the left...and the typewriters don't have a 1. more inside

August 04, 2011

Got an unrepentant Keith Olbermann fan on your gift list? Get them an award given to KO when he was a local radio sportscaster 25 years ago. more inside

August 02, 2011

Is this the world's most bike-friendly city? Sadly, it was just a demonstration with a junk luxury car [oxymoron alert!] not an actual illegal parker.

August 01, 2011

Chimpanzee bottle feeds tiger cubs at Thai zoo.