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September 29, 2010

Banana Facts
Unccl DQnl. Gb ZR!
Green and Carbon Neutral web hosting providers. David Herron, who I've never heard of before today, lists green web hosting providers alphabetically, with information about the hosts, and what he calls characteristics, which should properly be called services. more inside

September 28, 2010

Iran imprisons 'blogfather' for anti-state activities. Hossein Derakhshan, known as 'Hoder' online, given 19 years for charges of inciting anti-government feeling.
Inside a research proposal review committee - yet more great reasons I left the university career *cough cough* ahem...track.
Ready. Set. Write! . Make your mark Monkeys...

September 25, 2010

Curious George: Best Internet? I had had SO much trouble with trying to keep up an internet connection lately. I mean HOURS, total days even trying to get Verizon dsl to work a simple (I won't even mention, Netgear - may their router AND their "switcher" cum "ladder" become crushed, and then ground into dust, before being burned...) But we don't even HAVE cable TV right now. They do make curious offers. I would love some kind of advice! Should I switch?

September 21, 2010

The post that catalysed it all has been deleted from its original home, but was captured from Google cache. But the result is worth a look - a wide ranging discussion on how it is possible to make 9 times the US median income, and not feel rich. more inside

September 19, 2010

The Atlantic is getting bigger - for hurricanes that is. And this is only the second recorded time (the other was in 1926, for 6 hours) that there are two simultaneous Category 4 storms.via

September 17, 2010

Restore Sanity or Keep Fear Alive? Either way (or both), this is gonna be AWESOME. more inside

September 15, 2010

The Squirrel In Our Window.

September 14, 2010

Shoes every monkey wants

September 13, 2010

That nostalgic neon . East... The Neon of Old New York West... Vegas strip And across the nation... Road trip! Let's see some neon. more inside
Three Minute Fiction more inside

September 12, 2010

Now this is underhanded viral catnip IKEA releases 100 cats inside one of its UK stores.

September 11, 2010

Top New Zealand scientist quits - didn't actually know the "Cool Runnings" guys. Or was an ex-Marine, apparently. Also, China's top UN diplomat apparently got good and plastered recently and then admitted that he didn't like Americans. Or his boss. more inside

September 10, 2010

Woman's persistence pays off in regenerated fingertip.

September 09, 2010

Beneath Gunung Mulu National Park.

September 07, 2010

Illuminated by galactic starlight