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May 31, 2008

Caring or cruel? Inside the primate laboratory. "The Guardian, given rare access to an animal research facility, talks to scientists about their experiments on monkeys." [Via]
Worst Album Covers EVAR - selected by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (via FMH). Theys pretty dang ugly, alright. *spits* I reckon number 21 gets my vote. How's about yeew?
McClatchy to Scott McLellan - here's what happened.
WWII Vet Vs. Right Wing Blogger Smackdown. A WWII veteran responds to a blogger who contacted him in search of dirt on Barack Obama's great-uncle. The story becomes even funnier when the blogger in question turns out to be a homophobic furry with a cigar fetish. Oh dear. [Via MeFi and MeTa.]

May 30, 2008

Another poopie link (probably NSFW) Taiwanes restaurant innovation (let's blame China). [pics and video lifted from www.moderntoilet.com.tw/ but much easier to digest.]
Unofficial Euro 2008 thread. Same rules as before -- spoiler-heavy thread, stay away if you have to save the drinking/misery for later. (For ease of reference, the Guardian's play-by-play ticker should be here.) Anyone willing to make a prediction?
R.I.P. Harvey Korman. What a guy. more inside
Miss Someone Funny.

May 29, 2008

[Your Name Here] for McCain! For a mere $250, get your own personalized John McCain banner! [Caution: "Demeaning or derogatory names or phrases are not acceptable."] Banners available in centrist Optima font only. more inside
muto a stop motion animation painted entirely on walls in the street (youtube)
Curious George: Age of Conan Hi there. Are Monkeys interested in playing Age of Conan? more inside
Caution: Clawed Frogs.
The wooden mirror. Daniel Rozen designed a wooden mirror from 830 small wooden panels controlled by a computer and connected to a small camera communicating with hundreds of tiny motors. To display dark parts the mirror uses dark brown sides of the panels and for light parts light sides of the panels are used

May 28, 2008

Curious George: Where Am I? Where are you traveling to? Where are you now on vacation? Or perhaps, where are you planning to be? more inside
rice boy a webcomic
Love Something Ugly.
Male fertility goes up with the consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, products I would have thought benign, like water-based paint might not be so great for the little homunculae... more inside

May 27, 2008

The Hole In The Wall (a short comic starring some cats)
Sidney Pollack, dead at 73. One of the greats.
Society of Robots is a website created by this wetware meatsack. It has tutorials on how to build robots. I suggest you begin.
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