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September 25, 2008

I fart in your general direction. Unfortunately, I got arrested for it.
TWO PLANETS. Terrestrial planet collision. Apparently not as rare as we might think. "This poses two very interesting questions," Fekel said. "How do planetary orbits become destabilized in such an old, mature system, and could such a collision happen in our own solar system?"
Thsrs., The Shorter Thesaurus. Why perambulate when you can walk? Why walk when you can go? Why be succinct when you can be terse? Why be terse when you can be curt? more inside
Magic Lanterns were popular in Japan, where they gave rise to Utsushi-e, a more complex show using hand-held wooden lanterns. There have been efforts recently to recreate these shows.
SLYT OMG! LOLZ! . We be some chillin' monkeys here. This is a test of the MonkeyFilter laidback quotient. Thank you for your patience.
Blog Monkey: Help name a monkey species after the blogosphere. [Via]
Jackie Chan brings peace to warring kungfu clans in Timor-Leste. Over to you, I think, Mr Herzog.
Chimps can recognize each other's butts according to a new study. Warning: Picture of chimp butt and stuff in article. more inside