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May 01, 2008

*Dreamlikeliness* happens when a personal interiorscape gets interpreted for everyone's delectation - or so I would say. more inside
Memristors Coming soon: PCs that start up instantly, laptops that retain sessions after the battery dies, or mobile phones that can last for weeks without needing a charge? more inside
Dr. George Merriwether's Tempest Prognosticator- After having arranged this mouse trap contrivance, into each bottle was poured rain water, to the height of an inch and a half; and a leech placed in every bottle, which was to be its future residence; and when influenced by the electromagnetic state of the atmosphere a number of leeches ascended into the tubes; in doing which they dislodged the whalebone and caused the bell to ring. more inside
The link claims to be about nightmare playgrounds, but it's really about those awful sculptures you sometimes see in said playgrounds. (Via Neil Gaiman's blog, as usual.) more inside
For the day that's in it. The Russian Anthems museum presents The Internationale in 40+ languages, including Esperanto, Irish, Tagalog, Tuvan, and Zulu. more inside
50 Best Cult Books - as chosen by The Telegraph. How many have you started? How many have you finished?