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April 25, 2008

Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish Jellyfish robots that are autonomous.
monkey want comix What are your favorite smart daily/weekly comics? Here are a few of mine. It seems like I used to have more than this though, at least enough to last through a cup of coffee.
Al Jaffee's fold-ins for Mad magazine in interactive click and drag form. more inside
Hobotopia reveals the real origin of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats. I found the series charming.
It's A Flee Country! Former CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, who coined the geopolitical usage of the term "Blowback", says in this Good Magazine piece that the time has come to give up on America. more inside
Joan's Mad Monarchs This is an old site, but it's a good 'un, and I've never seen it here on MoFi. more inside
Air Monkey. Trash bag street art by Joshua Allen Harris.
Oh dear, timesuck alert. Race your little car against other little cars by typing movie and book quotes. It's a little biased if you're good at remembering quotes, like I'm not. more inside
"...it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend."