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April 24, 2008

"...it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend."
"I imaged a powerful reversal of the urinal drain would be like an elephant and used this as the theme," says the designer. It can clean a urinal in 10 seconds and save 8 litres of water per urinal. Clever and pretty.
Humans nearly went extinct 70K years ago, scientists claim. more inside
Curious George: Posting Let's talk about FPPs, monkeys. How, and where, do you find yours? Are there any particularly good FPPs that you think serve as emblematic of MonkeyFilter at its best? In general, what sort of subject matter/site etc you consider worthy of bringing to the MonkeySphere? And what do you consider unworthy? more inside
Curious George A while back I saw a link on Reddit (I think) to a picture that was a map of various mathematical objects. In the center of that map was a group of connected boxes labeled "Integers", "Rational Numbers", "Real Numbers", "Complex Numbers" and a circle around them going to a note that said "You are here". The rest of the map outside the circle were more esoteric mathematical objects and their relationships showed by linking lines, as well as their links to the "YAH" group. Well now I can't find that. Can a million monkeys with keyboards bang out the url or google search terms I can use to find that again? more inside
The Lesson: Don't Eat the Feet It was compared to the Alien Chestburster (original movie scene... and there will be cake!), or maybe a variation of the "Never Give Up" icon, but this find by a California Animal Rescue team is kind of awesome yet ewwwsome. more inside
Barbie Massacre Barbie Massacre is a photo blog run by six nice ladies who enjoy staging grisly crime scenes with Barbie® and other dolls. N. S. F. W.
Searchme. I typically roll my eyes at Web 2.0 stuff, but this is actually kinda groovy.