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July 31, 2007

20mph petrol-driven rollerblades.
I used to be someone else, but I traded him in. The day after Bergman, Michelangelo Antonioni, director of Blow-Up and The Passenger is dead at 94.
Freebase Crepes... Self explanatory, really.
Observations and research show that Bonobos are more than just "hippie chimps". This long article describes sex and tension, finger biting, and murder among these great apes.
Chirp Chirp It's Summer, it's hot, and I'm at the keyboard with all the windows open, listening to cricket sounds. On similar nights when I lived in Alabama, the night was filled with the din of tree frog calls. And as a kid in Chicago, I heard the Summer cicadas. What music scores the night in your neck of the woods?
George Carlin nails it.
Wedding Dance Videos Some people waltz at their first wedding. Some two-step. Others perform Thriller, maybe a little Michael Jackson. Or Dirty Dancing. Or breakdance. Or, my favorite, Ok Go. more inside

July 30, 2007

Fox News Special Report: O NOES HAX0RZ!!11! more inside
Seven riddles suggest a secret city beneath Tokyo - Why would there be secret tunnels under the streets of Tokyo? more inside
Checkmate. Ingmar Bergman dead at 89.
Saint-Denis a town in the Middle Ages.
Photoshop is a powerful digital image manipulator. But with great power comes great responsibility. A particularly egregious example.
Not quite the kiss of death. The good news? Paul Stanley is OK, folks. The bad news? Kiss without Paul Stanley Ain't Quite Right.
Alice In Wonderland a film by Cecil Hepworth, from 1903

July 29, 2007

Unless you're a Jew or Jesus Christ or something ...you probably piss off people with this type of bloody slag every day. Not nice words, ranked in order of not niceness.
The story behind the face on the bottle
The Return of Butthead the Pygmy Goat - A pygmy goat missing for almost a month has been returned to his owners. Butthead, three feet tall & full of piss & vinegar, lord of all he surveyed at Lincolnsfield's Farmyard Funworld, was reported stolen at the end of June when his emotionally fraught keepers found him suddenly not there, shockingly subtracted from his little jail. Now he's back, & all is right with the world. Thus the healing can begin.
Intel, improving your efficiency through racism? The men are supposed to be runners at the starting blocks but it still seems like someone would have said, "You know, having 6 black men kneeling in front of a white man might not be the best way to get out message across" before this saw print...

July 28, 2007

U.S. subpoenas Michael Moore. Federal officials may be planning to subpoena filmmaker Michael Moore seeking information about a trip he took to Cuba for his documentary, "Sicko," a source close to the situation said on Friday.

July 27, 2007

The Washlet is the Bathroom Fixture With One Fixation: Your Happiness- Warning, product site contains asses. Happy asses. more inside
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